Indians News started on a sudden whim, at three in the morning, to make a difference. What once was an unclear dream, has now become a large force of unique and passionate individuals striving hard to serve its reader base with an insightful take on trending topics of the minute.

It is an unbiased online news portal which is one of the few media houses in the country to have over 85% women workforce with the median age of employees being 20. We have a strong base throughout the nation, a close knit family with a national presence! Having interns around the country, we bring to you stories from the length and width of the country. We are a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who believe in the power of press and realize the crucial role it plays in a democracy. We believe in going just beyond news, we believing in inspiring.

One of our major focus, apart from delivering news, is to bring to our audience an experience of a palette of events. We educate our audience about the events, expand reach, and build up brands apart from giving the event a global presence. We’ve come up with various creatively liberating ways to serve our audience with the choicest events happening with live coverage.  We like to think of ourselves as the Shakespeare’s of events, immortalizing the aura, gusto, and thrill of every event that we cover and giving them a global presence. We fill in color to our events which can’t be washed away with the frugality of time; because experiencing plays a major role in our development too.

We are here to make a mark, our vision is to broaden the horizons of information available to the people that equip their intellect and lead them to living fulfilling, happy lives.

We believe in making efforts,
we believe in doing.

Join our revolution of educating the masses of the social evils penetrating our society. Join the change.

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