Bangladeshi’s welcome spring by celebrating Pohela Falgun

Pohela Falgun celebrations in Bangladesh

Falgun is a Bengali month in the Bengali calendar. The first day of Falgun is celebrated as Pohela Falgun. Bangladesh has six distinctive seasons and spring is the sixth and final season in Bangladesh.Pohela Falgun is the first day of the month Falgun. Falgun means spring. Falgun is the 11th month in the Bangla calendar. The first of Falgun usually falls on February 13 of the Gregorian calendar. This celebration is known as Bosonto Utsob or Spring Festival. Pohela Falgun is an important festival for people in Bangladesh. It marks the arrival of spring.

Spring season is considered to be a season for happiness love and warmth.The day is marked with celebrations. Women wear yellow or orange coloured sarees. They wear yellow flowers on their hair. Boys wear colourful pajamas to welcome the arrival of spring. Yellow , orange and red are the colours for celebration. People of all religions celebrate Pohela Falgun. They wear traditional dresses and visit their friends and neighbours to exchange pleasantries. As winter departs Falgun arrives and brings joy and colour to the hearts of the people.

Bangladeshi’s welcome spring by celebrating Pohela Falgun
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