Youth : An unfulfilled potential in peace building in Bangladesh

Youth in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is currently witnessing resurgence of radicalization. The activities of these new radical groups has become a huge internal security challenge for the government of Bangladesh. Educated youth also engage in the activities of these groups. Youth are technologically literate and are well versed in social media application skills. Radicalization through Internet is increasingly becoming more common. The Internet is one of the many factors which influences the violent behavior of the youth.

The popularity of Internet is aiding radicalization. Radicalization is often triggered by religious misinterpretation, grievances, economic conditions and even multiculturalism. The reasons behind radicalization are certain conditions and tendencies which are prevalent in the society and another reason is politics. The youth consider the differences in the materialistic, cultural and social status in the society to be unjust and unfair. Socially isolated, disenchanted young people turn to violence in search for identity acceptance. This can have a psychological impact on a person. This may be a reason for radicalization. In many places in Bangladesh Muslim youth have turned against Hindus. A solution for this problem is to promote peace, non-violence and positive attitude among youth.

Youth can play a key role in peace building in Bangladesh. Youth form one-third of total population of Bangladesh. Youth engagement in peace building is a powerful tool. Young people are filled with vigour and they need to use it properly. Initiatives should be taken to get the best out of them. Young minds can be made to understand that quality leadership, organized efforts and implementation of effective strategies can contribute to peace building.

Youth are the future leaders, planners and decision makers of a country. By involving youth people can be educated about the advantages of living in a peaceful society.

Youth : An unfulfilled potential in peace building in Bangladesh
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