Efforts made by MOVE Foundation for peacebuilding in Bangladesh

Workshop conducted by MOVE Foundation

MOVE Foundation is the only youth-led non-profit organization formed by a group of young professionals and students in 2013. In Bangladesh it aspires to be a platform for youth. MOVE Foundation is working on deradicalization and peacebuilding in Bangladesh. The aim of MOVE is to increase the social inclusion of the excluded youth , especially the Qawmi Madrasa graduates , religious and ethnic minorities and underprivileged. It aims to create interfaces of communal harmony.



It works with Qawmi Madrasa students , urban youth and policy makers. The objective of this organization is to increase human security and access to justice and modernizing Madrasa education. It has conducted workshops with youth on Tolerance , Respect and Peace in society. The workshop also taught youth to bring about freedom of speech , stop radicalization of youth and increase security to public. MOVE Foundation has also conducted programs to strengthen youth leaders in the community for peacebuilding.

Efforts made by MOVE Foundation for peacebuilding in Bangladesh
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