Nobanno Utshob – The traditional harvest festival of Bangladesh

Nobanno Utshob celebrations in Bangladesh

Nobanno Utshob is a popular traditional harvest festival celebrated in Bangladesh. Nobanno means New Rice and Utshob means Celebration. It is Bangladesh’s biggest agricultural festival.

About 60 – 70% of the people in Bangladesh depend upon agriculture. Agriculture is very important in the economy of Bangladesh. Paddy is the main crop grown in Bangladesh. Newly harvested rice usually comes during the Bengali month of Agrayhan. The festival is celebrated during last part of Agrayhan.

People of Bangladesh celebrate Nobanno Utshob with music , dance and food. It is celebrated with various kinds of local cakes and sweets which are made from the newly harvested rice. Cakes and sweets are distributed to neighbours and friends. People celebrate the day by wearing traditional dresses. People from all religions celebrate this festival with equal enthusiasm.

People gather together and participate in traditional folk songs and dances. Nobanno Mela is also organized in many places to celebrate Nobanno Utshob. It is a joyful day for the rural people.

Nobanno Utshob – The traditional harvest festival of Bangladesh
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