When the sky starts immersing in the sea and the thin line of land is the only hope of life!

Can you run away from the fact to what and where you are born? Similarly, running away from climate change is just not possible. Global temperature has been rising since the onset of life on this planet but it’s the speed with which its rising has raised the eyebrows. Earth has a natural cycle in which the heating and cooling is controlled hence leading to a steered climatic changes, but lately actions of human have disrupted this natural cycle which is seen as the disordered weather conditions. The changed rainfall or wind pattern, the acute rise and dips in the temperature, submergence of lands by the ocean, all are a by-product of the irresponsible act of the human beings.

Our planet is designed in a way where Sun’s heat can be trapped inside the atmosphere just like the glass walls of a greenhouse. Carbon dioxide and water vapour are the major gases which traps this heat and hence termed as greenhouse gases, but the modern lifestyle changes has also changed the amount of emission of these greenhouse gases which is too much for the planet to sustain. Thus the best possible way out is to curtail these emissions so that earth has a brighter future.

It’s more painful to witness the death of an associate than of just a company acquaintance. Likewise, until a person builds the feeling of belongingness towards the planet he/she won’t ever willingly act keeping in mind the future of the planet. So the most vital step is to make people understand their responsibility towards the nature. It has to be instilled in them the reaction to each of their small irresponsible actions.

  • Like people who enjoy travelling or posing in the beauty of nature needs to be guided that how an electronic appliance, left on standby also adds on to the reason for ‘no snowfall’ at their favourite holiday destination.
  • People need to be educated on how boiling more water than required will lead to scarcity of water in the next summer.
  • Home makers need to understand how just by closing the curtains or internal doors they can prevent the heat from escaping and hence enjoy the warmth by a thermostat even on a unit degree lower, which might lead to balanced winter in the coming years as their thermostat will now be emitting reduced level of carbon.
  • Children if taught as how one trip in their favourite car till school leads to the extinction of their favourite wildlife animal due to the disrupted climate, will definitely start appreciating the practise of using public transport or possibly walk/cycle up to their destination. It is the duty of the parents and the school to help the children inculcate such habits and also understanding at the same time as in why is it required. This will help people spread knowledge and create a much more sensible and sensitive future.

Hence it is the reason for every expected action which needs to be taught to the people rather than just saying a NO to their ‘not so thought of actions’!

When the sky starts immersing in the sea and the thin line of land is the only hope of life!
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