A lesson from the pages of history

One of the first civilizations to be documented dates back to 7000BC. Over the last few decades, through excavations, we were able to study their lifestyle and social setup through the numerous articrafts, constructions, and the scriptures found. On studying the remnants of the buildings; we could see that the architectural concepts behind them were completely brilliant. Despite being one of the richest civilizations, the city in itself was planned in the most economic fashion by utilizing the space and facilities to the maximum. The admirable craftsmanship was focused on ensuring that there was a clean and sanitary environment. The drainage and bath facilities were meticulously planned as well to avoid wastage of water and at the same time keep the lands fertile. Moreover, the land encompassing this civilization was 1/3rd that of Asia. Even so, it was uniformly administered and so, it flourished for several hundred centuries.

Unfortunately the Indus valley civilization had come to its end at around 1500 BC. Historians have come to the conclusion that it was because they could not come up with new technologies in time to meet the growing requirements of the civilization nor could they protect themselves from invaders like the Aryans .
Besides these reasons, we have plenty of concerns to ponder over the current state of affairs. Today, we have all the technologies we need, even beyond our wildest imaginations. Every single day we have new inventions which give us the opportunity to make our lives more comfortable in over a million ways. As people from the current generation, we believe that it is in our right to enjoy and explore these innovations. The one’s I am referring to are using cars over public transport, depleting the seemingly unlimited water source, using more and more plastic because it is too much work to find any other substitute and as it is available in abundance, Building bigger homes and malls instead of wasting lands which simply grow trees, wasting food just because we can and one can list out more effortlessly.
Yet we might end up on the same crossroads as that of the age-old civilization. The line between need and want has been stepped over. In our efforts to live a life with such comforts, we are losing what is important- the natural resources. Without fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, fertile lands to harvest, what good would the new technologies invented do for our survival? At the rate at which we are going, earth might soon become unsuitable for human life. So my crazy friend, who was planning to move to mars, isn’t so crazy after all.
Let us just hope that since we are a civilization staying ahead at the brink of new inventions, we will soon find a way to travel and inhabit another planet. Or history will probably repeat itself and we will just be another civilization whose flaws are speculated over and studied about in a few millennia.

A lesson from the pages of history
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