Lesser known facts about Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O.Panneerselvam

Chief Minister O.Panneerselvam

With the passing away of J.Jayalalithaa on December 6 , 2016 , the Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. This was no big surprise to the people of Tamil Nadu as he was Jayalalithaa’s”Man Friday”. Panneerselvam has been repeatedly chosen as a caretaker of Tamil Nadu government. There are many things about Panneerselvam which are lesser known to the people.

He is a village farmer’s son. He is a humble man known for his modesty and patience. He is a graduate but he has not received any honorary doctorate degrees. He is a mild mannered politician. He has no legal cases against him. He has never acted in movies and has no glamorous image. He has won elections and been a MLS for four continuous terms. He is very simple and does not encourage his party people to accompany him when he goes out.

And whenever he was the Chief Minister there was no law and order problems in the state. There was no communal violence. Even when Jayalalithaa’s death was announced he made sure that law and order was maintained in the state. There was no incidents of violence in any part of Tamil Nadu.

His actions after cyclonic storm Varsha showed the administrative characters within the silent Chief Minister. He took control of the situation and discussed with the officers about what should be done to clear damages. He visited the affected areas to assess the damage.

He goes to the Secretariat daily and works there from morning till night like any other government servant. He goes to the Secretariat even on holidays. His party members can meet him easily. People belonging to other parties can also meet him easily to discuss things. He has given permission to Ministers and officers to share information with the media.

O.Panneerselvam is a Chief Minister who can steer Tamil Nadu in the right path. He has been trained by the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and he is waiting to do his best for the people of Tamil Nadu.

Lesser known facts about Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O.Panneerselvam
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