From haunted forts to bangle market: All you need to know before planning your visit to Alwar

Taking out time for a week long vacation is an uninspiring venture in today’s metronomical world, but a weekend gambol is a must to unfetter yourself from physical and mental fatigue. One such destination to spend a heartwarming weekend with your family is Alwar – a small town in Rajasthan.

Situated amongst the rolling and craggy mountain ranges of Aravali, Alwar is just 3.5 hour drive from the NCR (NCR includes Delhi Noida, Gurgaon). It puts forth a diversified list of attractions ranging from pilgrimage to water sports. Sariska tiger reserve, known for a wide variety of animals, specially the Bengal tiger is a must visit if one is eager to have a glimpse of India’s national animal. Amongst the forest of Sariska is also located the famous Hanuman temple called ‘Pandupol’ which holds historical significance in relation to Mahabharata.

Saiska Tiger Resrve

Near Sariska also lies the Bhartari temple know for the ruler of Ujjain, who renounced his worldly pleasures and turned to sainthood. It is believed that he turned immortal and now resides in this temple.The dharmshalas near the temple act as home for those who practice abstinence. More to pilgrimage is the Karni Mata temple where goddess Durga is worshiped. It is believed that a wish made at this holy abode is surely to be granted. The Durga puja or the Navratras are celebrated here with great pomp and show with a feast like enthusiasm.

Bala Fort

Apart from the forests, the picturesque at the rain fed lakes of Siliserh and Jaisamand will make you forget that you are in Rajasthan. The water sports and amazing food at the Siliserh lake will make your day and if you are fond of clicking pictures and would like to spend the day relaxing then Jaisamand is just the right place!

Jaisamand lake

A few kilometers from the city of Alwar lie the prehistoric sites of Ajabgarh and Bhangarh; they have been acknowledged globally for their haunted ruins. Besides this escapade one can enjoy the colourful markets ,beautifully lit at night.

The exclusive lac bangles spread throughout the market will definitely be an eye catcher.Last but not the least the mouthwatering street food will add charms to your trip. If you have a long weekend to spend, and plan for some respite, this is the place!

From haunted forts to bangle market: All you need to know before planning your visit to Alwar
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