Failing twice to helping millions on Patanjalizing their brand

An inspiration for millions

Paritosh Sharma: Third entrepreneur of UnCV (first was social media B2B startup, which failed and ‘hashtaag’ from which he had to withdraw). An author of “lifetime” book: Patanjalize your brand. Consultant to giant startups like Jabong, PayU Money, Hike messenger.

  • A guy who believes that female charm works for him (his mother, wife, and daughter).

His life mantra is quite simple: “Keep giving”, not for the sake of getting back but for the sake of giving. In short, he is a personality whom one can always look for.

“When every company (FMCG) was interested in marketing their product, Patanjali invested in infrastructure”: Paritosh said. He realized that this story needs to be captured and thus, an entrepreneur transformed himself to an author. This is despite the fact Patanjali today doesn’t need any recognition as it has become a “source” of happiness, health and purity.

In his book, he sums up the success of a ‘Desi’ 10,000 crore business which is led by a yog guru, whose qualification is not more than matric along with a spiritual friend, Baba Ramdev and Acharya Bal Krishan (MD of Patanjali). He went on a visit to Patanjali center at Haridwar and describes how Patanjali is rearing the highest breed of cows at the largest Yog bhawan in the world.


Paritosh adopted hard work, honest intent, unfailing grit and determination from Patanjali to name a few.

Patanjali is such a company which uses “Made in Bharat” over “Made in India”. The reason as stated by the author is that “language” is the source of evolution and it works as strategy for Patanjali.

However, at the same time, above stuff may inspire or encourage you, there is a need to put some light on the struggles of both Paritosh Sharma and Patanjali because a successful story without struggle is like a body without heart. He failed twice not because of earning less money from his venture but not providing the satisfactory services to customers, not fulfilling the purpose of establishing that venture.

This failure moved him so much that now, he has a vision to inspire at least 100 million people so that they can work beyond their comfort zones.

Both Paritosh Sharma and Patanjali are real life examples for all of us to show that hard-work doesn’t have a short cut and the efforts will be acknowledged globally.

Failing twice to helping millions on Patanjalizing their brand
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