Tabverts: solution to your boredom in cabs

A young team!

When you are in cab, what do you do? Is it texting someone which drains your phone’s battery, listening to those repeated songs, talking to driver (really?), looking at the time and roads which are passing away. Or what else?

Well, you can actually do something productive cum entertaining but you don’t have to bear the cost, yes you heard it right, it’s free!

Platform: Tabverts, an advertisment tech venture or startup based in Delhi, owned by a 17 year old guy, Sahil Arora, who is not afraid of rejections, failure doesn’t matter to him.

Tabverts is a business platform which provides recognition to the following:

  • For other startups: It works as an advertisment platform for other startups either by charging some amount of money or free of cost some time.
  • For drivers: Tabverts has agreed upon sharing 30% of their revenue with drivers, who are in charge of the tablet. It also works as a source of income for drivers.
  • For customers: An entertaining platform with which they can transact for shopping with exciting cash back offers!

Here is a picture of this young and passionate team of Tabverts!

Along with the entertainment content from Netflix and Hotstar in the tablet, they have advertisment content which varies according to cab location and GPS location tracking. Advertisers who are in collaboration with Tabverts are Paytm, Snapdeal, Freecharge and Mobikwik. Tablets will be installed in cabs of Uber, Easy, Meru, Safe Cabs and even in the cars of the fleet owner.

As far as his challenges are concerned, the list is quite technical as regular up gradation of tablets is required and then, installation of the tablets in cabs would be difficult, drivers have to be trained and many more.

The start-up has Sahil Khan as it’s Brand Ambassador, the famous fitness icon who is working on his fitness from last 14-15 year and Bollywood actor who calls the founder as “young genius”. Tabverts will surely fetch huge fan following with the help of the actor.

We all are waiting to have a tablet in cab which not only reduces our boredom but will fetch us small profits too!


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Tabverts: solution to your boredom in cabs
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