Why Winston Churchill is more cruel than Hitler?

Adolf Hitler, leader of Nazi Germany is hated by a huge mass of people around the world for causing the German holocaust and ruthless killing of Jews. Hitler, also well known for initiating the World War II has become a favorite definition of a Dictator and is often understood as the cruelest person ever. However, there are many leaders whose deeds are equally unacceptable as of Hitler or even worse but are never as strongly opposed by people. one such person is former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill is known across the globe for his leadership and admired by many. While Hitler is hated for the World war II, Churchill is credited for freeing England from it through its gradual victory over the Nazi Germany. But there is a lesser known darker side of this widely acknowledged leader. He has been caught in many controversies during his political career. He was a racist, and always thought that ‘whites’ were always superior than any other race. He is also criticized for use of poisonous gas against the Afghans.

Winston churchill is responsible for the death of 4 Million Indians who died during the Bengal famine out of starvation and malnutrition.

One of the most grim and heart wrenching policy advocated by Hitler was during the World War II. He is held responsible for Bengal Famine of 1943, which happened in present day West Bengal of India and parts of Bangladesh. Churchill is detested by all the families who saw the famine. The success Churchill achieved in the War was the cost of the millions of people who died in 1943 due to hunger. Churchill, in order to keep the war supply ongoing, competently negated the starving people and exported all the grain to the Warring England. India was still under British control and could not do anything as Churchill was the British PM that time and India’s fate was in his hands. He even blamed Indians for their suffering and stated that Indians ‘breed like rabbits’. He saw the famine only as a ‘distraction’.

Not only the Bengal famine, he had utter disrespect for the Indians, he once said ‘India is only a geographical term’ and never regarded as a country with living population. Is this any better than the holocaust, or is Churchill any less than an inhuman dictator. for such cruelty, he is called more cruel than Hitler.

Why Winston Churchill is more cruel than Hitler?
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