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The problem with Indian National Media:

Everyone whines and complaints about the status of National media as TRP or website clicks is the only Major motivation for them and on top of that most of them have a vested interest for benefiting their investors or political alliances and most of the national news they broadcast is Delhi-centric.

How we solve it :

Our team consists of passionate writers from different fields, doctors to engineers, scientists to businessmen, lawyers to social activists and so on,  from diverse cultures and regions (Srinagar to Chennai, Ahmedabad to Shillong ) from length and breadth of India to make sure that no region is left behind.

Majority of our workforce is youth decentralised among all the corners of India to make it a most inclusive news portal of India

We don’t publish hoaxes, gossips, unverified stories, propaganda, news which is extensively covered by mainstream national media or paparazzi posts. 

We give high importance to news regarding National Interest, about India and we stand with the motto of “nation first” and strive to strengthen the national interest and won’t tolerate anti-national elements and terrorism

We encourage participative journalism and anyone can submit News or a story, our editorial team will review and verify the facts before publishing it.

We love to collaborate with the like-minded people from all over the world. Please write to us if you have any query [email protected]

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