Approprice gives you a smart shopping experience

Approprice, the only Android app for price comparison in India with smart bar code functionality. Using this app, price comparison can be done with just one click through scanning the bar code while shopping in malls/stores. You can compare the store price with online price.

Approprice is a startup to help customers who shop in malls/offline stores and aim for ‘price satisfaction’. While shopping in stores customers can just scan the product bar code and get real time price comparison between online store price and the offline store price for the same product. This will help them to make a quick decision to buy the product.

Approprice makes you a smart shopper. It is very simple and easy to use. There are more than 42,000 smart shoppers using Approprice and there has been more than 80,000 smart shopping experiences. Approprice is the highest rated smart price comparison app on Playstore. Download the app, compare the price between leading stores and get the lowest price.

Approprice is also recognized as a Startup by Development of Industrial Policy and Promotion under Startup India campaign. Approprice was officially launched in 2016 as an​ Android app and became the highest rated app on Playstore by shoppers.

Download Approprice and while shopping scan product bar code to see the lowest price.

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