Sehwag Cricket Academy and NGO COWE presents Queen’s XI Womens Cricket League

Popularity and fascination of Cricket is becoming the fastest growing spectacle for the sports-themed world over, especially amongst Indians. It has become one of the top sporting competitions. Every single day, on various sports channels, there is atleast a single cricket match being shown.

Currently it is men’s cricket that hogs all attention. We hardly see any channels showing women’s cricket. For a fact Indian women started playing cricket in the first half of 1970s and now it is 2017, but still there is not much recognition or development despite brilliant and competitive talent displayed by women at all levels. A strong and committed initiative has long been pending to address this gap.

The initiative needs to be nurtured with an open mind and a practical approach. Women’s cricket has to be understood on its own merit, independent of men’s cricket performance. Importantly efforts have to be made for general acceptance amongst public  for the sport played by women who roughly constitute 50% of our population.

Sehwag Cricket Academy and Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs COWE, Delhi is launching ‘Queen’s XI, a cricket league for Women’ with great optimism and open heart from 31st August to 2nd September 2017. COWE believes that through leadership and entrepreneurship, women can become the torch bearers of women power.

COWE formed in 2004, has a goal to motivate women to inculcate entrepreneurship culture. This platform would boost the confidence of women and help them to attain an edge for their entrepreneur’s careers. Women are better at building lasting relationships which are prerequisites for entrepreneurs today.

Sehwag Cricket Academy was founded by International cricketer – Mr. Virender Sehwag. The academy provides structured coaching and development programmes for amateurs and professionals in various age groups and skill sets.

Queen’s XI Womens Cricket League is aims to give encouragement to women in sports. It aims to fulfill the basic needs of women in sports, needs that are identified through experts and certified organisations. This program helps shape women’s passion for sport into reality. Our biggest challenge is to support every possible women in sports.

Queen’s XI is an open category cricket league with national and international players. The first day of the league witnessed participation from 8 teams –

1.Northern Railway

2. North Central Railway

3. Central Railway

4. Haryana Kings

5. Gwalior XI

6. Chandigarh (LIC)

7. Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs COWE – a mix team from all over India

8. Sri Lanka Airforce team.

The women behind Queen’s XI are Mrs. Archana Gupta, Director, KEI Industries Ltd. and Tripti Singhal Somani, CEO KGS advisors who joined hands to support a common cause of #womeninsports.

Opening ceremony of Queen’s XI was held on August 31st and was attended by many dignitaries.

Semi-finals took place on September 2nd between

Sri Lanka Airforce vs Haryana Kings

Northern Railways vs LIC Chandigarh

Final match will be conducted in the presence of Mr.Virender Sehwag on 2nd September at 4 p.m. and will be attended by various dignitaries.

Virender Sehwag will hand over the awards for various categories:

Women of the matches

Woman of the series

Best bowler

Best fielder

Best batwoman

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