Techniche, the annual Techno-Management festival of IIT Guwahati is offering opportunities for robotics enthusiasts under the Robotics Module. National Robotics Championship ‘Escalade 6.0’ will be held during Techniche on 1st September 2017. Preliminary competitions have been successfully held across India in 11 cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi. Robotics enthusiasts can showcase their skills in the competitions during the festival.

Various robotics competitions will be held during the festival. Nautilus is an innovative event where participants should build underwater robot and tackle hurdles under water. Robocalypse is a competition in which a manual bot has to fight opponent’s bot in a death match. The winners will get prizes worth Rs.1,00,000.

There are many more events like Clash-of-bots, Burnout and​ Phototron. All events have exciting prizes.

For Problem Statements of Escalade and more information about deadline visit the official website of Techniche.

For more details contact:

V.Venkatesh, 70328 59899

The most iconic superstar in its fraternity, the handcrafted sports car, Dodge Viper, which carried a massive 8.4 liter V10 engine and drove like a thirsty vamp, will no longer be produced after August 31st 2017, as confirmed by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, on an official notice.

The car has been hand assembled for the past 25 years, at a facility at Detroit that will also be sealed for good. Although the end is nigh, the reason has not been made official, but according to the, it is being believed that the car doesn’t fit in the new occupant-ejection airbag requirements. As avoidable as it might sound, it is difficult, apparently, for the makers to fit airbags into the small pit of the car and thus, selling Dodge Viper will be deemed illegal after 2017, unless the manufacturers make the design radically different.

However, the orders placed through the “one of one program”, will be built till the 31st of August for people who wish to own this one of a kind, soon-to-be historic piece.

Every car fanatic’s dream – The Dodge Viper.
Image courtesy: Motor Trend

Movies and cinema, a glamour world isn’t it? It allures you to its charms and magic but little do you know it has many dark sides. Over the years a lot of issues have come up and various aspects have emerged such as sexual and mental harassment, biased fees pay, nepotism etc. but there is one serious issue that no one has ever heard of. Have you ever wondered while you see your favorite actors in movies, TV or commercial eating, do they actually eat the food they pretend to? Or is it another illusion that the camera created in the shooting world?

Well, before we reveal the secret let’s dwell deeper into the reality behind shooting. To shoot a scene of two minutes or even 50 seconds, can take duration of a day or two, and if it is a dining scene which requires an actor to be seen eating something, though the scene shows only a bite, there can be more 10 to 20 takes and so the bites taken will also be up to 20.

The shooting people actually use a ‘spit bucket’. They use spit bucket which is placed next to the actor carefully off the camera, so when they are shown eating the food, chewing it and just before they have to swallow it, they ‘spit’ it in the bucket. It may sound justified on the part of an actor because eating the same chocolate pudding, or pizza 20 times is not an easy task, but for a while, think about the food which is totally wasted.

While there are many places in India, Haiti, Brazil and even United States where billions of people (three billion to be exact) are dying out of hunger. At some places, the reason is food inflation while at others, it is simply scarcity of food. Such places have no food to even survive, there is extra food provided on the movie sets just to be spitted up and wasted that too for the sake that-

  • The actor is on a strict diet schedule.
  • Is bored of seeing the same food for hours
  • Just can’t swallow the same food, this repetitive number of times.

The exploitation of food and resources doesn’t end here. There are commercials where the actors promote a certain food item which is in real very unhygienic for the young ones. For instance, Karishma Kapoor is shown promoting McCann’s wide variety of ready to cook deep fry snacks, which absorb large amount of oil and the advertisement’s target audience is usually the children. So, there exists a contrast between what the glamour world shows, and what they actually do.

You might be thinking that how does this activity matters, the amount of food used would be very less. Well, it is not about the quantity but perception and just imagine how much food has been wasted during all the scenes up till now.

Famous saying- with great power comes great responsibilities. In a country like India, where movie stars and celebrities are treated no less than God, they should understand their responsibilities being a public figure and should always stand against such act. They alone can force the trend to change due to huge fan following. The directors and producers should also learn what harm they are causing to the society. They can cut short the scenes that require eating or can simply shoot it more delicately so that it requires lesser takes and lesser wastage of food. The leftover food must be distributed among the poor native people in the shooting location.

If everyone does their bit, the whole scenario can be changed. Food safety is a much broader and deeper issue and it is required to utilized at the best use.

Noble profession, people say its teaching. Is it actually so? ‘Teachers are next to god’, is written in the notebook of every 4th to 5th grade student. But for once try to draw a picture of a teacher on a paper, you will either make a woman dressed in an old sari with specs or an old man with a dull shirt and pants with specs again. A noble profession means the highest of all, most respected and most dedicating. Teaching is said so because they create all other professionals. All professionals went to a teacher to learn.

We grow to become successful person, we learn and we achieve what we aim. But who makes us this capable? It is the teacher who filled our mind with the knowledge of world. Teacher, a word that’s heard and instantly brings to life a thousand memories in your head. So, when was the last time you saw your teacher, did you speak to him? Or wish him, or asked about his well being? Or you choose to just pass like you did not know that old person walking by you?

Schools have become more of a business firm than a sacred place to gain education. Needless to say, we cannot compare the standards of a private school teacher with that of a public one.  Private schools charges heavy fees and lot of extra curriculum activities which requires more human resource and more teachers, but they don’t want to compromise with the profit earned by the school, as a result, they pay a lower salary compared to the amount of work done by the teachers. In government schools, the pay is comparatively lower but with a few facilities such as lunch and residential quarters (only in some places). However, the principals and managing directors are involved in the race of making their schools number one and compete with the international level focusing on the outer image and avoiding the inner important factors such as education and talented teachers. Shockingly, the pay scale in some places is comparatively lower than the fresher’s pay in call centers​!

Teachers dedicate their whole life teaching and preparing the future of the nation and what do they get in return? Pay is not the only issue the changing time has changed the values of society too. Students today have gone more shameless and with the support of their “rich” parents they now easily harass teachers. With the introduction of RTE ACT, 2009 teachers have become more helpless, as they cannot beat a child on his or her violent behavior.

Their identification is at stake at times! Just try to think of the last time you saw someone calling their teacher to any successful event like promotion, you mostly call your friends and families to celebrate, what about the person who made you this capable. Why to call a celebrity whom you don’t know, rather send an invite to the teacher who would be very proud to see you on your own? Its not about the events, its about the recognition of efforts put in by the teacher in making who you are.

Teachers in many countries are given much respect. In Germany, teachers get the highest apy and when the chancellor was questioned, Angela Merkel replied, “how can i compare you to those who taught you?” But in a country where teachers are seen and supposed to be treated like god, the condition is in contrast.

Let’s give them the respect that they deserve!

Learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge. Knowledge makes you great.’ – Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

Innovation is “Turning an idea into a solution that adds value from a customer’s perspective”. Innovators are not problem thinkers, they are solution-oriented and they come out with the best possible ideas and start implementing early with whatever they have.  The central driver of economic growth and development of any nation is none other than Innovation.

The Global Innovation Index (GII) is an annual ranking of countries by their capacity for and excellence in innovation and is published by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization.  The basic purpose of GII is to capture multi-dimensional facets of innovation and provide the tools that can assist in tailoring policies to promote long-term output growth, enhanced productivity and job growth. It is released on 15th of June every year. Its 10th edition will be released this year. The indicators used by the Report are divided into sub-categories (with numerous other sub-indicators) as follows:

Innovation Inputs

  1. Institutions
  2. Human Capital and Research
  • Infrastructure
  1. Market Sophistication
  2. Business Sophistication

Innovation Outputs

  1. Knowledge and Technology Outputs
  2. Creative Outputs

The leading country in innovation is Switzerland with Rank 1 with a score of 66.28. The irony is the number of engineers in India is almost equal to the population of Switzerland!

Why is Switzerland topping the list for the past 4-5 years?

  1. Highest ratio of European patents: 873 patent applications were filed in 2015 per million inhabitants. Between 2001 and 2010, Switzerland gained most of the inventors from Germany, France, UK and Italy.
  2. World Class Research Institutes: Universities in Switzerland focus on discussing ideas at a wider level and hence think of conducting meetings where scientists and innovators can meet.
  3. Extremely Skilled Employees: The employees are very skilled. They utilise their knowledge to the maximum.
  4. Go Green Projects: The major focus of Switzerland’s innovations is being energy efficient and saving the environmental resources. Switzerland is about to put their first energy self-sufficient apartment building in the world, which will produce all its own heat and electricity using sun’s energy.
  5. Multinational Partnerships: Small and medium sized business industries and Universities promote the research work.

What’s the scenario in India?

  1. Lack of Funding and knowledge: Many private engineering institutions, don’t even have the latest technological instruments and they don’t even provide good funding for the ones who are willing to do something out of the box. When a research scholar goes to the IP office with a proposal, the bureaucrat at the office premises is one that came to that position through political influence or by paying a hefty bribe for want of a ‘Government job’ and has no clue of what to do. This demotivates research scholars to such an extent that they prefer switching careers as ‘Technical Consultants’ for MNCs and start minting money with their wonderful ideas which are basically Indian but given ownership to some other country.
  2. More focus on learning than knowledge: The students are made to learn a lot. Theoretical knowledge is tested and the students learn just a day before the exams and they pass out. They just mug up in the last few days and clear examinations. There is a lapse in practical knowledge testing and skills required to grow like an innovator.
  3. More parental pressure than own desire: Nearly 10.2 lakh students registered for IIT JEE in 2016 and 2.20 lakh students get shortlisted after JEE advanced which is around 20%. The number of students applying for Entrances is dropping year by year. Many of the engineering graduates don’t actually have a burning desire to think innovatively but they just think of being an engineering graduate just because their friend is taking the same course or is recommended by a family member.
  4. More Distractions: Students are more distracted by various sources around them. The kind of friend circle they have, the kind of places they visit, the way they complete their assignments matter a lot.
  5. Outdated knowledge and Sticking to syllabus: The knowledge in books is outdated. The class which gets recently graduated are more knowledgeable because the kind of software they study is new as per their schedule which also gets obsolete after 2 years.
  6. Thinking of Salary and placements: Students are more concerned about job safety, placements and salary. Most of the engineers end up in the sales and marketing jobs and they don’t even know how to sell. Rest of them who have a fear of being fired or rejected from a job or a job interview, start preparing for public sector banking jobs or state government jobs just to have job security.

Hence, it is time for India to pull up its socks and focus on the state of higher education in the country.

India is a land of culture and customs. Here, the society in the name of custom and rituals numbs the voices of young ones. Especially when it comes to sensitive problems such as child sexual abuse. Sex abuse is one of the common problems in India which is faced by almost every child at least once while growing. Some of them fight back, while others just remain quiet and get deeply wounded for life.

Here, the question is not ‘How do they (culprits) get courage to do so?’ it is obvious those are pervert minds with not​even a little bit of humanity and sanity left in them. The question is why don’t our own kids have enough courage to come and tell their parents? Why do they have to go through all the pain alone at a sensitive age? In a survey it was found that 53% of the total sample taken from 13 states children complained of having been sexually abused as a child.

Children are innocent, their minds only knows what they are taught and observe around them. Many a time they don’t realise that they have been abused, instead they take it as a game. Kids from the age group of 5 to 12 are considered to be easy target and are abused the most. These poor little victims are humiliated, threatened directly that if they tell their parents, their parents will punish them for doing wrong.

In most of the child sexual abuse cases the one who abuses is found to be a close family friend or sometimes a family member itself (50% to be exact). Cases have been observed where not only girls but young boys also have been victimised in fact out of the total population 54% were boys who were abused and sometimes they result in serious injuries both mental and physical.

By the time they realise it’s not their fault it is too late and the incident leaves a mark on their mind forever. Such a child who has been a victim of such social evil might grow up into a normal person from outside but inside, he/she is always filled with insecurities. They get highly alert when they are too close to anyone physically, they avoid people around them and wish to be alone most of the time and in many cases the child is physically harmed for life. When such children grow up they feel lots of complexities and develop trust issues.

Why do they get scared while they get hurt physically and mentally? The answers to those question actually lies around us. It is our society! We give much hype to things that actually don’t require attention and walk away from things that need to be solved and seek our attention. We have such closed society and the so-called culture and custom which ends up creating a huge space between the children and the parents. Here, in India, sex is a private thing to discuss, watching a condom advertisement with parents is embarrassing and avoided. Then, how do we expect that a discussion on it will ever happen? In fact in some of the cases it is noted that the families ask their children not to talk about it at all to anyone.

Sex education today is need of the hour, children must be told and taught that their private parts are not to be touched by anyone else. There have been steps taken but those are not enough. Government also tried to conduct sex education classes but the irony is the word ‘sex’ is not allowed to be used in a class of sex education! Here, there is no use of providing such education because the government itself views sex as ‘taboo’.

It would be best if such education is provided at home because this will break the barriers among the family. It gives a caring gesture to the children that they may talk about anything to their parents, even about sex and issues related to it. This may be a little uncomfortable at first but can save lots of other discomforts​ that might occur in future. It is not only for a girl child but sex education is equally important for boys as well.

Men and women are two faces of a coin, where both the faces show something and are there for a purpose. They are inseparable and reflect the society. However, mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters are all given so much respect. They have sacrificed a lot in life; they go through ups and downs giving up their desires for the important men in their life-their husband, father, brother and son. And men are thought to be at the receiving end seen as boundary makers, restricting women to their limits. But life doesn’t work this way, one cannot give without receiving.

With due respect to all the women out there, it’s time to know the sacrifices a male makes for you, from being a boy to a man!

As a boy, he always gives up his chocolate and toys for his other siblings, even as a kid they are told to be responsible and take care of their siblings. Kids may fight a lot but when it comes to love, they do it open heartedly.

During adolescence, when he grows interest in certain sports and wishes to pursue his career in it, he is generally not supported by his family as they think a boy’s job should be serious and sports promises no stability. He might oppose it at first but he is left with no choice other than giving up.

Then comes the age where a boy becomes a man. It’s the age where he ‘should’ be settled. He faces various kinds of emotional and pscyological blackmail from his family to get married. But his choice rarely matters; it hardly matters if he loves someone, if he has chosen someone or he doesn’t want to be married at all. He is married to a girl of his family’s choice. Now, he is a married man, he can no longer enjoy things he desires​. He has a wife to share his life with. His life is no longer about his passion; it has to be about both of them. He now has to take care of the choices, desires, and demands of his wife.

Then the next stage of a man’s life is (which is considered to be  a most beautiful) is father. Now the man has another family, his family, to look after. He now sacrifices his lifestyle to suit the one where he can afford to have his child’s needs fulfilled.

Well, the story doesn’t end here, another pressure that some men face is the pressure of being the only ‘son’. There have been cases where young boys start earning at an early age, resulting in no passion for work, no dreams, and lifelong frustration.

There have also been cases where men with different taste and preferences marry girls, who don’t suit them a bit and this destroys the life of both the man and the wife.

The society has evolved a lot and it is not important that every man faces each situation in his life but yes, they all face one or the other. And before they know it, they have already buried a million dreams. It is also highly assumed that men don’t have feelings, they crave only for sex but the truth is they have feelings and they have potential to love more than anyone, that is what they have been doing throughout their lives, but that stone heart is the result of the world they see around them. But deep down they always remain a boy who will show his true feeling to the one he feels attached with.

We doubt whether you still know when is the international men’s day! Why? Because we didn’t have a need for such a day.

A man may never speak about it because he is taught since childhood that “men don’t cry” but yes his deep eyes have lot of pain in it. So, next time you judge a man by his loud voice, bulky body or heavy personality think about how much he must have gone through to be this MAN from an innocent BOY.

Personality is a set of individual differences that are affected by the development of an individual: values, attitudes, personal memories, social relationships, habits, and skills. Likewise, an introvert is only a personality, who have some hidden positive qualities.

Literally introvert means a person who tends to shrink from social contacts and becomes preoccupied with his/her own thoughts. But practically they differ from this definition and they are a mystery for others to solve. However, they are also humans simply born with a different personality.

General opinion about introverts is that they don’t like to mingle with everyone, but the truth is they mingle with few people. They are not different species or an alien. They also like entertainment and celebrations.

Let’s try to understand introverts from a scenitifc technology:

There are two types of batteries. Solar -powered battery and a regular battery.  Solar power batteries flourish in the sun all the day. It does all the work and recharges in the sun and keeps on working in the night. On a daily basis, phone battery drains off easily and it needs charging when you get back home but you leave your phone alone during its charging period.

This concept applies even to introverts and extroverts. Extroverts recharge themselves by being around with other people and with society. Being alone drains them out. Introverts are simply opposite. Social interactions may be fun and awesome to them but it drains out their battery. They charge themselves up when they are alone. Here the term loneliness doesn’t mean they are alienated from the society. It is viewed by us like that so the mistake is not with them, it is with us. They tend to get their recharge energy by spending time with themselves. Here we must not misjudge a person.  After a day filled​ with people, they feel exhausted and empty. Sometimes they just need to be alone.

To process information, it actually takes a longer path through the brain of an introvert than it does through the brain of an extrovert. Introverts think carefully and deeply to process the information. They feel less excited when they get surprised or when they take a risk. They are often quiet but they notice a lot of things like a keen observer. They observe things which are not even observed by normal people.

Introverts have nothing to do with shyness. They don’t converse with people just for the sake of interacting. It doesn’t mean they are afraid of people. Though they may have few friends, their relationships are deeper and long lasting. They prefer quality over quantity. This is the reason why they don’t get together in the parties to meet new people. They are born listeners, a trait which lacks in any normal person. Rather than indulging themselves in social activities and other people, they spend their interest on ideas and concepts.

Introverts are unique from others. They are independent so that they get things done on their own.

As of now, do you feel you have any similar traits, then you are not alone. Majority of great scientists, inventors, musicians, artists, and writers are introverts. Few of the famous introverts are Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffett, Mahatma Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein.

The fact is that the concept of introversion is not restricted to people, we are also introverts at some point of life. It has exceptions but it is mostly agreed. Do we criticise our own selves? At times, we want to be with our own self, so pause for a moment and think! Finding fault or criticising others is easy but is hard to find the good in them.

It’s actually time to accept and break our negative connotations on introverts and consider them same like us. Does being a different type of personality need to be viewed in a negative sense? Before we judge a person we need to place ourselves in their position. Then only we can understand them thoroughly. View the problems of others from your point of view. It will be easier for you to understand them easily.

So Introverts out there, you are special, take the unfair advantage of this!


India is a free nation today. Everyone has right to live the way they wish to and live with courtesy. But there is a segment of society that is facing a living hell- the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTI).  If two men hold hands in the US they are deemed as gay, but why not in India? The reason behind it is the cultural load and bubble reputation. But how far is it fair to decide a side without understanding the thing you are against or with.

What is queerness? What is homosexuality? Who is a transgender? How do we decide who is suitable to live in our society and who is not?

The word queer in dictionary means act of homosexuality.  So, how to define queerness? A man who dresses like a woman and desires man is a queer, a man dressed like a man and desires man is also queer. Similarly, a woman dressed like a man and desires woman is a queer and a woman who dresses like a woman and desires woman is also a queer. Some people are born in a certain way.  Queerness is a broad term seen very narrowly. Ever since 2009 when section 377 of Indian penal code was challenged there is quite a hullabaloo about it. While some people believe it’s in favour of human rights to live as they desire, others got against it in the name of contaminating the nature. The problem here is lack of knowledge, cultural differences and upbringing. We follow only what we are told, rarely one or two wants to know the logic and truth because questioning is tough and following is easy. Queerness is not a modern concept, not western or sexual also.

If we look back into our history we will find plenty of examples in various mythologies. The great Indian mythology, ‘The Mahabharata’ also consist of such tale. Shikhandi the first daughter of king Drupad was born as girl but then prayed to Lord Bramha and was blessed with a man’s genital in order to take revenge from Bhishma and fulfil her aim of life, some also claim that she  was raised as a man by her father to avenge his kingdom and kill his enemy, Drona. She was even married to a girl and on their wedding night Shikhandi felt insulted and ran into a jungle to kill himself where he was helped by Sthuna who lent her his manhood for one night and then promised her that she may take it whenever she wanted. Along with it there are many more tales such as Vishnu turning into Mohini to save Shiva and then gradually they have children together. All these tales provide evidence that queerness has always been present in India and was even accepted as a part of the world and society.

Over the past few years the situations have changed and finally LGBTQI are being accepted. There have been improvements which have marked a major change in the society like recognizing transgender as the third sex in the eye of government and in other official documents. Recently, Odisha govt. has announced pensions to Transgenders.

People must understand it that being born as a transgender is not a choice. With all the difficulties and inequalities they try to live with us so we should also accept them as they are. In urban cities people may avoid the differences but in small towns most of the time they are seen as some kind of plaque to society that should be cleaned or butt of jokes.

We have a long way to learn and develop. We are surrounded by many gay people whom we don’t even know because they are too scared of the society to come out as they are and of course they have all the reasons for it because a country where marrying in different caste is not accepted by their families, how will it accept two people of same sex marrying. In many cases girls with same sex preferences are forced to have sex with the man of the house or be a victim of honour killing (especially in villages and small towns of Haryana). We should encourage such people to come out and lead a free life without having the fear of being judged. One should understand that they are also human and have feelings and should only be judged by how they behave in the society and not by what they do behind the closed doors.

After all, love knows no language, boundaries, age or even SEX.

The LuLu Shopping Center and Hypermarket in Abu Dhabi, on Thursday, declared a 30-minute “free sale” for the shoppers there. This was a Ramadan gift by a 26-year-old billionaire. Everything on sale at the mall was free, with no conditions applied. The crowd went ballistic, with the women grabbing every piece of fabric they could get their hands on and the men hauling every electronic that they could. There was a stampede, with people trying to get everything before someone else could. They were hitting each other, fighting over merchandise, salvaging all the racks in the process. There was utter chaos and mayhem due to the “free sale” at the mall.

Imagine such a situation in India!

What if a Big Bazaar or a HyperCity in any Indian city declared everything on sale as free for 30 minutes? There have always been frequent incidences at hypermarket sales in India where men and women have got into spats over one product. Now, if everything were to be sold for free, it’s hard to imagine the chaos that it will unleash. The situation would be worse than the one that took place in Abu Dhabi. Everything that a middle-class man wishes to buy would be free for him for a span of thirty minutes, the only concern being the other people who’d be flocking to buy the same things. Put on alert by this, every woman and man at the mall will try to get their hands on anything and everything possible before anyone else does. In this, a stampede will be unavoidable. People, in their frenzy, will end up in tussles with each other. There will be a lot of damage done to the merchandise, the property of the mall, and to the people themselves. It will become a situation that would not be able to be controlled by any kind of security.

A similar thing did happen in India when Indian billionaire, Mukesh Ambani, commercially launched his LTE mobile network operator, Jio. Internet and calling services were declared free for the first three months following the launch, and this came with no conditions whatsoever. Even before the SIM card was launched, there were queues building outside digital stores across the country. People were queueing up outside the stores from as early as 5 a.m. to be able to buy the SIM cards. The Reliance stores had been running out of stock due to the heavy demand for them. Dealers were buying the cards in bulk, selling them to others at much higher prices. People waited in queues for hours everyday until they were able to acquire a SIM card. By the third month of the launch, almost every household in India was using two mobile numbers – the one that they already had been using, and the other, their new Jio number.

Seeing how opportunistic Indians can be in such situations, it is best that billionaires refrain from putting up goods for free in this manner. The damage that such sales cause is a high enough price to pay for the free merchandise!