The fashion bar is soon to be raised a step higher in Delhi on 20th August, 2017, when designers from around the country will unveil the new fashion trends and the latest products and innovations, all under one roof, thus creating a niche for themselves.

TheRAV Fashions, a prominent fashion and lifestyle event company, is all set for its unique star studded fashion trade fair, Khwaish, aiming to provide a unique platform for the city’s cognoscenti, fashionistas and shopaholics alike.The event, to be held in the Grand Hotel, New Delhi, will be graced by the presence of prominent celebrities like, Adah Sharma of ‘Hasee toh phasee’ fame and former Mrs. Earth, Priyanka Khurana.


Cinema is considered the mirror of society. Indian society has strong impact of films. Films like Lunchbox, 3 idiots, Pink, and many other have proved that bollywood is changing its standards now. The cinema is now starting to evolve on its own and is unshackling its theatrical roots. It is developing its own principle in story telling and is free from any other form.

Bollywood also started doing Biopic movies to learn and inspire people. One such upcoming Biopic movie is ” Super 30” which is based on an entrepreneur. Actor Hrithik Roshan will be seen playing the role of Anand Kumar, a mathematician, who helps economically backward students for IIT-JEE coaching. He annually selects 30 students from extremely poor family and trains them for India’s most prestigious institution- IIT. The films title comes from the name of the coaching center “Super 30” that Anand runs in Bihar. He is also featured in the channels like BBC and has travelled to give talks at MIT, Harvard, and Tokyo University. The film will be directed by Vikas Bhal.

The current period of Bollywood is the most exciting period where filmmakers are trying to be fearless creative than ever before and thinking out of the box. The time is no longer far when a movie on Mukesh Ambani will be on screen. Entrepreneurs dedication is recognized and showed on reel screen.  In the coming years, we will definitely see a huge difference in the standards of Hindi cinema.

  1. Director S.S. Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is shattering every possible record at the worldwide box office. After zooming past the Rs 120 crores mark on its first day in India, the much-awaited movie which piqued the interest of viewers with the question ‘Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?’, has kept the audience coming in to find out the answer. Baahubali 2 has now become the 1st Indian film to achieve the 1000 crore mark at the global box office.With such a thunderous response, director Rajamouli expressed his happiness and thanked everyone by saying, “It’s only natural that a big project like Baahubali faces hurdles during release. I must say that the enormous love and support that was given by ‘Baahubali’ fans made us cruise through the obstacles.” The film was one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and the two-minute-twenty-seconds long trailer that was wonderful to say the least, piqued the curiosity of the audience and made the fans of the franchise eager to watch more.
  2. The movie released worldwide on 28th April. While the entire country was gearing up for the release of this film, the makers having been facing one issue after another. Initially, one of the war scenes was leaked from the edit table, then the audiences in Karnataka opposing the release of the film, and recently, clips of the Telugu movie has gone viral online. One of the popular Tamil piracy website Tamilrockers video shooted Baahubali 2 The conclusion in a theater in Tamil Nadu and released the Tamil version of Baahubali after the morning show of the movie release. Still, it didn’t affect Box office collections as movie collected more than 120 crores on its first day. And the source of the leak has not been nabbed so far.
  3. Filmmakers and audience alike are not happy with this, as people have been waiting to see this film for 2 years now. Especially down south, fans of actor Prabhas have gone to the extent of standing in queues to watch the film first-day first show. And that’s what we call fan a frenzy! Therefore, we request you, to stop using such sites and watch Baahubali 2 movie in theaters as that will satisfy you and it is worth your money for sure, and stay against piracy. The movie is getting a good response from all cine fans. We strictly don’t support piracy, and we hope the Government of India will take action against these illegal movie download websites.

There was a time when Indian cinema mainly constituted of movies for entertainment. Family problems, social issues, and humor were some of the main themes in this industry. But now the time has changed. A lot of new types of movies came into existence. These movies  give it’s audience a new kind of perception, story, and feeling.

The directors are experimenting with their films and the audience are also giving a thumbs up to these experiments. Nowadays, no one wants to make main stream cinema. The new upcoming movie starring ‘Rajkumar Rao’, ‘Trapped’ is one example of such film. Such a unique movie, that it got a standing ovation in Mumbai Film Festical, 26 October 2016. It was released on 17th March 2017.

The movie revolves around a character, who is trapped in his newly rented apartment and his struggle to survive without food electricity and water. The message – a small mistake can cost your life and it is displayed in such a different manner.

Talash, Kartik Calling Kartik, Ugly are some of the other movies that surprised audiences with its different style. These different movies have one common thing, they all display simple story in a special way.

Making of these movies can be explained with following reasons:

Today, the audience are fed up with the same kind of movies and want to see something new. They want to see as well as analyze different forms of creativity. This kind of psycho movies include a lot of challenges, and people respect these challenges and want to see directors overcome these challenges and make a movie.

These movies generally come from the group of a psycho thriller. These kind of movies are not those money maker kinds of movies, but most of them are critically claimed. The protagonist is the main player in the film. These kind of movies generally contain very few dialogues, songs or scenery. The acting of the actor is the only source of survival in this kind of movie. Budgets of these movies are also not that great.

We should respect this kind of movies, and the effort and devotion that people give in the same. We also hope that we will experience different new style movies in our upcoming and updated era.

  • B-town’s international diva, Priyanka Chopra purportedly demanded ₹1.5 crore per day for promoting Assam tourism.
  • Assam government recently approached PeeCee to be the face of their tourism promotion, Awesome Assam, which included a 10-day shoot.
  • If reports are to be believed, the actress demanded a whooping ₹15 crore for the promotion, overlooking the state’s ongoing severe financial crisis following the recent outbreak of the devastating flood.
  • Since PeeCee was not available for any comments, the nation awaits her decision as to whether or not she will cut her remuneration Considering the current plight of the state.

  • In June 2103, there was a political exchange among Egyptian politicians in live television on  “secret” plans to wage war on another nation.
  • The meeting was arranged at the Presidential Palace in Cairo to discuss Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam project, which created a huge fuss at that time as it threatened Egypt’s rights to Nile River water.
  • During that meet several politicans gave different suggestion to tackle the problem and decided that they would take oath to not to disclose these suggestions to the media.
  • The hilarious part of this political exachange was that none of them was aware of the fact that they were on live media.

  • The person responsible for organizing the meeting failed to notify the attendees that they were being broadcast on live television as it was a “last-minute decision.”
  •  Later the President Muhammad Morsi was removed from the office by the militry and all the politicans present there were either on trial or were in prision.

  •  Navpreet Banga, a 21 -year-old Vancouver  based YouTuber, lifter and fitness vlogger is busy enthralling the public by her resemblance with Bollywood reigning diva ‘Priyanka Chopra’.
  •  Navpreet likes to dress up as the actress, she even did’ Kashibai’ makeover to let people drool more.
  • This Canada based beauty also has tattoo on the side of her arm, making her a piggy chop clone.
  • Priyanka Chopra has definitely found one of her lookalike and they can probably star in a movie together as twin sisters if noticed by directors.

  • Very soon, you will be hearing the voice of Big-B & Parineeti Chopra in the Hindi version of the Hollywood movie “The BFG (Big friendly giant).
  • This movie is under the mega direction of Steven Spielberg and is based on the novel by Roald Dhal in 1982. The film is starring Oscar winner, Mark Rylance as BFG and Ruby barnhill as Sofi.
  • Big-B himself notified about this news through his twitter account and called it a thrilling and adventurous movie.


  • Bollywood obsession with Hollywood isn’t anything new. Indian actress Deepika Padukone and Huma Qureshi both tried their luck to bag a role for the movie – The Mummy Reboot, but they were both rejected and the role went to Annabelle Wallis.
  • The Mummy Reboot is an upcoming American action-adventure horror film directed by Kurtzman.
  • The casts finalised for this flick are : Tom Cruise playing the lead actor, Annabelle Wallis playing an archaeologist, Sofia Boutella playing female Mummy role in the reboot.
  • This movie is  currently being filmed in the United Kingdom and the film is slated to release on June 9, 2017.



  • Tushar Kapoor, child of star Jitendra and Shobna, himself becomes a father through IVF process.
  • He named him “Lakshay” and he is the first grand-child of Kapoor family.
  • However, this will be the last time anyone cannot use this process and remain single parent because Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has declared that any single parent cannot use this process and this was in effect from November 2015.
  • ICMR is soon going to make this rule an official rule.