A huge technology revolution is happening in the world. And Geospatial Technology is the most important technology in this revolution and it is applied in all sectors.  It is applied in urban development, education, telemedicine, maintenance of roads, railways and waterworks, for analysis of demography, agriculture and in many other fields.

Geospatial technology is helping our government to achieve its goals in programs like Swachh Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Awaaz Yojana and Smart City Program. Space technology had entered all households in India.  India is one of the few countries in the world to make a big advance in geospatial technology. It is become a pioneer in geospatial technology. Our capability has been acknowledged and accepted by countries who have been working on space technology even before we started it.

Geospatial technology has become an essential part of new developmental progresses and it has transformed your country. Our government shows a progressive approach to geospatial technology and it is applied everywhere. Through this technology government monitors all the corners of our country and makes further plans for the development of our country. And this technology makes every project a success.

India is not only getting ahead but it is one of the few countries which has made a great advancement in geospatial technology in a short period. India will definitely make astounding developments in the future using geospatial technology.

Rohingya terrorists

Rohingya Muslims are from Myanmar. They are ethnic Muslims who were living in the Rakhine province in the Arakan region. Myanmar government does not recognise Rohingya’s as their citizens. Rohingya Muslims have their roots in Bangladesh and they are referred to as Bengalis in Myanmar. As Myanmar does not recognise Rohingya’s they are practically stateless for 35 years.

Even though Myanmar government derecognised Rohingya Muslims thousands of them started leaving the country only from 2012. As they spoke Bengali they started going to Bangladesh in large numbers. As the number of emigrants from Myanmar was increasing very fast Bangladesh chose to stop all humanitarian assistance to Rohingya Muslims leaving them helpless

They headed towards Thailand. Thailand’s navy gave them food and medicines but did not allow them to land on their territories Then the Rohingya Muslims went to Malaysia thinking that a Muslim majority country would give them shelter. Malaysia adopted the same policy as Thailand. The Rohingya’s went to Indonesia, another Muslim majority country, and managed to enter it. By the time Indonesian government declared that Rohingya’s were not welcome into their country thousands of them had already taken shelter there.

By now all the doors were closed and Rohingya’s turned towards India. They entered India through India – Myanmar border and India, Myanmar, Bangladesh trijunction. There are 40,000 Rohingya Muslims living illegally in India. Rohingya Muslim population has increased four times in India over the last two years.

International organisations have appealed to India not to deport the Rohingya’s. The government’s decision to deport the Rohingya’s concerns the security of India. It should be noted that India is not a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention of the U.N or the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees. India does not have a refugee specific law and the matter falls under the Foreigners Act of 1946, enacted by the Central Legislative Assembly. The Foreigners Act makes undocumented physical presence of a foreigner in India a crime. It also empowers the government to detain a foreigner living illegally in India till that person is deported.

The problems caused by Rohingya Muslims in India

  • Uncontrolled influx of migrants in the country will create social, political, economic and cultural problems.
  • If India does not set down the rules of the game right now, it will be difficult to argue against and stop the influx later.
  • Rohingya’s pose grave security challenge as they may be recruited by terror groups.
  • Nearly 22%  of India’s population is below the poverty line. 1 in 5 Indians are poor. A large number of people are unemployed. Indian government cannot help the Rohingyas when Indians are living in this condition.
  • India is struggling with growing population, decreasing farmland and food shortage. Rohingya population in India will only increase these problems.
  • This is a threat to the security, sovereignty and integrity of India. And this is a good ground under the Foreigners Act to deport them.

The Rohingya conflict is undoubtedly a massive humanitarian disaster. It should be solved locally, in Myanmar, by putting international pressure, working with the government there and sending aids to them.

You just can’t solve a crisis by importing it!

Divorce is simply breakdown of marriage. The objective of divorce is to dissolve martial relationship when spouses are not interested to be in martial relationship or to provide remedy to those who are facing cruelty or any other atrocities by their martial partner and their family members. But in present scenario it is misused by women.
Whatever I am going to share is true and is applicable for everybody. Indian society sees only one side of the narrative and is quick to judge the male partner. A woman in India needs only to file a dowry or domestic violence case against the husband and his family member and it is the onus of the men and his family member. Society and their friends form an opinion that they are guilty.
Adultery is one of the ground on which women can seek divorce in India. According to law a woman cannot be punished for adultery whereas a man can be punished for it. It is one of the loop holes of law. Or in other words there is gender bias due to law. There is rampant misuse of divorce law that some girls have made it their profession. First these girls marry guys and then either they lodge F.I.R or file a suit against their male partner for cruelty. Cruelty is such an offence which is nonbailable. When the male partner does not have any option they demand huge amount of money to withdraw the suit or F.I.R. According to the stats Fight against misusal of Dowry law reveals that 98% of the cruelty cases filed are false. It is very common in urban areas and especially among educated women. In 2003 there was a dowry case of Nisha Sharma which was a false case and in which court acquitted the accused due to lack of evidence. But for our society she was an anti–dowry icon till the judgment was passed by the court. Lawyers have a lead role in this type of false cases. In this type of cases they earn huge money. In one of its judgment Supreme Court said these laws are tool of legal terrorism. It also asked the government to review these laws. This has been discussed in Parliament many times but due to the pressure of women’s organizations and lawyers (many lawyers have top place in Parliament) a decision had not been made. For lawyers these false cases are a way to earn huge money and they don’t want to lose it.
Society always had an opinion that “If men and his family members have not done anything then they should not be scared. But society does not recognize it as a harassment. It is not just women but men also feel harassed. After all men are also human beings. There are numerous cases in which due to false charges and harassment men commit suicide. Now we are living in 20th century and equal rights are given to both men and women thus we must have equal laws for both.

Do you think we are doing justice to our fellow humans? Are we also a part of a seclusion and class division in our society? Are we aware of the incidents happening in our society in the name of caste?

Who has given us right to seclude a person or their community from the society in the name of caste. Learning that untouchability is a sin, untouchability is a social crime but implementing the same against the untouchables. What is the use of knowing it and just printing it in the books?

Our society is framed in such a way that one can violate the constitutional norms and do illegal trade but he cannot violate his village norms. Marginalising our fellow beings in the name of caste was inherited practice that remains, and will remain unchanged.

We all know about the four Varnas framed in Hinduism. There is also a fifth Varna known as panchamas. This fifth Varna was not included in the Varna system because they were not considered to be a part of Hinduism and remain untouched even after a decade. This was the nature of our religion.

The relationship between the fourth and fifth Varna decides the treatment of untouchable who is also called as Dalits. We are not ready to give them the recognition in our religion but we want them for our domestic purposes​. Are they born in this world only to serve us?

A dalit woman is allowed to wash the clothes, vessels, clean the house, but she is not allowed to touch the persons in the house and they are also secluded from the festivities in the houses or even in the village.

This marginalization doesn’t stop just here it does exist even in spiritual places​ like temples. They are not allowed to enter the temple because people have a notion that the temple will be polluted by their entry. This is not a physical pollution, it’s psychological pollution in the minds of our people. Aren’t our hearts​ polluted in this way of thinking?

Dalits are forced to do manual scavenging (the one thing that remains unchanged even after technical advancements) and to clean the toilets but they are not allowed to use the toilets. Is there any sense in our norms? Does it sound fishy?  They were not allowed to fetch water from the wells and pumps when the people of upper caste were there. People should realise that they are also humans who have same flesh and blood like us.

A person from upper caste can have an affair with a dalit woman but she cannot claim any legal right from him. Here, she is possessed as a prey for the lust of upper caste. Dalits remain quiet before our barbaric actions​ over them. But we are ready to accept changes in culture, food and dress code and follow the western countries

Why can’t we break the conventional​ customs of the society which remain inherited? What is the purpose of being educated and still accommodating ourselves to this blind practice? There is no use of having laws and well framed constitutional rights in a community when the identity is lost. These unlucky people remain oppressed by burying their innate desires within themselves, and their voices are left unheard.

In order to withhold our identity in the society, they are losing theirs. Dalits are not only the ones​ who get affected by caste; it also affects the social welfare and also the economic welfare of the country. Let’s join our hands to bring out the change in their life and eradicate the inherited practice upon them.

The responsibility of youth towards orphans

Orphan, is a small word. But it means something big and important in our society. The word orphan represents a child who has lost his parents, either by death of his parents or by being abandoned by them. These children live in orphanage and a few lucky ones are adopted by someone. Nobody cares for the orphaned children and there are only very few who grow up into good adults. But mostly they grow up into criminals in the society. And they become a problem for the society.

A shocking truth is most orphans are children who have been abandoned by their parents for some reason. It may be due to poverty or a child born through illegitimate relationship. The parents of these children do not care for them. They don’t worry about the child’s future. The orphans are forced to stand alone and fight against the cruel society in which they live. The situations faced by them makes them good or bad citizens. A solution for this problem is adoption. India has a large population of youth. If each young person adopts an orphan they will get good education and a bright future. It will be good for our society too. Even those who have children of their own should come forward and adopt orphans.

A new study by an international children’s charity fund has found that 4% of India’s child population are orphans. India has 20 million children. India has the largest child population in the world. 41% of India’s population is below the age of 18. The fact is only 0.3% of the children’s parents have died. The rest have been abandoned by their parents. Poverty is the main reason to abandon the children. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal have more orphans. In general, India’s central and eastern regions are more affected than the north and south.

In Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh there are 6 million orphaned children who are under the age of 18. And by 2021 these states will probably be home to 7.1 million orphans. Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and West Bengal have 5.2 million orphans now and it will become 6 million by 2021. The total number of orphans is set to increase from 20 million to 24 million by 2021.

There are more than 1000 orphanages in India which are run with the help of grants provided by the Government of India and NGOs. And not all orphanages are genuine. Some run the orphanages for their own interests. And what should we do to create a society without any child who would be called as an orphan? Perhaps in the future, these orphans may be the ones who will think about new ways to build a society with no orphans. Let us wait for that day to come soon.

Who is the President?

The president of the republic India is the head of state of India. He is also the commander-in-chief of Indian Armed Forces. He is indirectly elected by the people through members of both houses of the parliament of India, legislative assemblies of all the states of India, the legislative assembly of the Union Territory of Puducherry, as well as Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. His period is for five years. He takes oath as the president in front of  the Chief Justice of India.

What are the roles of President as per the Constitution? 

A duty of the President is to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution and laws of India which is a part of his oath. There is no bar on the actions of the President to contest in the court of law.  The post of President in the country is considered to be supreme of all.

What is the role of President in this “democratic”India?

Now in the present, it is entirely different! The rules are framed by political parties. They neglect the rules and laws of our Indian Constitution. They change them according to their own wishes.

Isn’t it against the law? Isn’t it a sin to change the laws​ of the constitution just for the benefit of a few powerful people? Does it mean all must follow the rules that are framed by them?

The political system of India is entirely corrupted. Everybody is being selfish thinking only of themselves, as if they are the only being living in this country. As if others are mere stones and rocks. It is their wish to follow the rules or not to but they should not frame the laws or change the rules which are common to all the people in India.

The rules were drafted for the welfare of the people. India is known to the world as a democratic country. Democracy is defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. The politicians and their parties are appointed to the welfare for the public. But as of now, the democracy practiced in India is more about the survival of the politicians. The people are expected to be their servants and toys to shake their heads according to the rules framed by them.

Gone are the days where the government functioned for the people and their welfare.

  • Of the people became off the people. It has cut off the people from the political laws of the constitution.
  • By the people has become buying the people. Politicians have started buying people in the name of doing some welfare for them during elections.
  • For the people has now become Far from the people which means the government is far away from the people. It has distanced from the social principles of freedom. A gap has formed between the power and the people in India.

The government is entirely taken up by the politicians and their parties. Political parties inherently corrupted and  are destroying the morals of our society. It is all because the top most powers, the Prime Minister, and the President are poorly defined Governance of our country.

But is it happening in India? How can a particular political party alone discuss or nominate the candidate for Presidential election, without the consultation of the other party members? This situation is happening in India for the first time. It shows that anybody can become the President of India, and can have the power to handle the whole country. Can it be given to a person who is without an experience or just that he was nominated or influenced by the ruling party?

The government in the name of responsibility has become irresponsible. Corruption has totally abducted our India. It has totally eaten up our entire government and its laws. We the people had given them powers with the hope that justice will be given to us. But it is not so. In India there is no way to expect for a good rule by the government until the politics of the political parties is stopped. Until or unless the entire power is given to the people, India will not come back to its original form that it was earlier. Or else the democracy of India and its rules for the welfare of the people will be remain only as a history and will never be a reality.

Language – facilitates communication. It plays an important role on how a person is good in conveying his ideas to the other person through grammar and expression. There are numerous languages available these days. However, specifically in India, English and Hindi are the most prevalent ones. Remember, India doesn’t have a national language. Hundreds of generations and countless individuals​ have worked for developing one language. It was not made in one day or not in one institution. These languages add up to the personality of a person and help a person in understanding wide variety of words and make it easy to mix up with people of different cultures.

Image result for what an idea sirji

In India, we do have our mother tongue usually regional language (can be Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, etc.), official language (Hindi), International language (English). Communication with Indians have become much easier with the language called Hinglish. We hardly use the Hindi word for “Bathroom”, “Drawing room”, “Lobby”, “Kitchen” etc. When language can be expanded, there should not be a barrier of words. The fact is there is no harm in speaking Hinglish as it is becoming easier to communicate and it is a part of evolution of the language. Even the media has got this idea to get more customers. Marketers are using the idea of Hinglish really well to attract target audience!

    Image result for dominos hungry kya           Image result for pepsi yeh dil maange more


Now a days, the instant messaging and chat system is rapidly used among the youth and we have made it a lifestyle to include the language of Hindi and letters of English to make it easier to type, making it a new combination of Hinglish. Students are making frequent grammar errors due to addiction of shortcuts used in text messages and chat applications. They would prefer to write “u” instead of “you” and “R” instead of “are”. Abbreviations are also creating a negative impact on their writing skills. Writing ASAP instead of As soon as possible, TTYL instead of talk to you later, LOL as Laugh out loud, could be useful in informal messaging but using them in an English exam or any formal messaging may not be useful.

Image result for kya aap closeup karte hain

When a student is asked to use pure Hindi language, they do not know how to use correct words and they mix up some words with English Language.

It is not enough to know a language but to stick to its roots. Better the writing skills better will be the impact of a person on the reader and same goes for speaking skills.

Many Hindi Movies have an English Title. Like “3 Idiots”, “Kites”, “My Name Is Khan”, “Black”, “A Wednesday”, “Jab We Met”, “Page 3”, “Fashion”. Many advertisements have been using the combination of two languages just for better communication and observing the change  in the trend being adapted by the people. Many writers are emerging by writing their thoughts using Hindi and English, creating their blogs on internet and many of them use social media as a platform to store their ideas instead of paper. Many lyrics of Hindi songs are written using English letters on various websites.

The Bottom line is, every language has its own value. It doesn’t matter how well we learn a language until and unless we could implement in daily life. Vocabulary and Spelling errors should not be compromised in case when needed. Formal writing should not be mixed up with informal writing. However, if a combination of two languages is used to enhance a talent that can entertain masses, then it should not be suppressed.

Did you meet any transgender on your way today? Did any transgender come to your place to bless your new born baby? Answer honestly how do you feel when you come across such a person? No, no you don’t have to answer me, just ask yourself, why do you even feel like that? Believe it or not, in contemporary world, transgenders in the society are subject to a large amount of humiliation and distress.They are considered as an object of ridicule, and any sort of contact with them is seen as unwelcoming.The majority of the society doesn’t really understand the general concept of transgender.Basically, one of the biggest reasons for the inequality that they face is due to the lack of understanding of what transgender truly means.

Transgenders have always been very much a part of Indian society since ancient times. Ancient epics like the “Mahabaratha”, which were written a few thousand years ago, reveal transgenders playing prominent roles in politics and directing their outcomes. Transgenders are currently stereotyped as people to be feared, as it is believed that the curse of a transgender person always comes true.According to the government, they were not even entitled to basic rights such as the voting rights, ration cards,passport,etc. And when it comes to earning their bread,they beg on the streets at traffic signals. Yet, today,they are all but ostracized by society, and are invariably forced to resort to begging and prostitution in order to survive.

India should step forward to provide work opportunities for transgenders who live by begging for money from passers-by on roads and trains. The transgenders now have the right to avail any facility and are eligible for reservation after the Supreme Court of India recognized them as OBC (Other backward caste) – that sounds a lot more shocking than it actually is, because it now means they will enjoy the benefits of quotas to get into colleges and in getting government jobs. Our nation should introduce transgender social welfare schemes and some actions need to be taken on a long-term basis to change the negative attitude of the general public and increase the knowledge about them and their communities. The required changes need to be reflected in policies and laws; attitude of the government, general public and health care providers; and health care systems and practice. The advancement of LGBT rights in India depends extensively on individuals and the community coming together and then creating the change themselves. Following are the few actions did for the transgenders in India:
India witnessed its first open transgender wedding, and it received a whole lot of love online.

Indian cinema cast its first transexual woman as the leading actress, Anjali Ameer.

Kochi Metro recruited 23 members of the transgender community, because, why not?

Transgenders are also human beings and they should be treated like all other people. We should not neglect them. We should help them to live a happy life.

Remember when you were a kid, you were taught to use three magical words, sorry, thank you and please, in order to lead a pleasant life and a well-mannered one. Over the time, these values have changed and so have these magical words. The new magical words are definitely not ‘I love you”, but something else but before we get to that let’s take a quick view on our life styles today.

  • We are surrounded by various people-the jealous ones, the funny ones, the poking nose ones, also the bossy ones and many more who ultimately have one goal in their life to make our lives miserable! They may irritate and annoy us to death while we might not be able to do anything.
  • We have our own mini versions of war, the disputes with neighbor, colleague, family which gives us sleepless nights for weeks.Also, we are surrounded by wars-Syria, Libya, Iraq which are there to snatch our mental peace.
  • Our own habits of worrying on every small thing that really do not require much attention. But we are so much into perfection and competition that we over-estimate everything and panic.

All these ultimately results in one thing- STRESS.

So, what should be done to fight this stress, is there any ‘mantra’ to deal with it?

Yes, the modern magical words help you to keep calm and stress free. The three magic words to fight stress is “IT DOESN’T MATTER”. Yes you read that right ‘it doesn’t matter’!

Whenever you see around and realize that there are matters, people or anything else happening around that really disturbs you and though you wish to stop it, it cannot be controlled just relax for a few minutes and think for a while, “how in any possible way is it going to affect you?” If the answer is not clear or NO, then just say the three magical words IT DOESN’T MATTER and move on!

Most of the time, the reason for our troubles and stress is usually we ourselves and our habit of interfering into other’s matter or else taking small things too seriously. You should learn that a particular person or incident that has disturbed you and given you stress, how much that person really matters in your life.

So, here is a golden tip: Put “It doesn’t matter” on your phone screen, because phone is what matters to us and we check it very often. If you apply it to any situation of stress, it may surprise you how it might work 9 out of 10 times.

It might be questionable to many and even thought to be selfish but sometimes the secret to lead a pleasant life is being selfish. Being happy is the primary goal of every human, and to be happy one has to be calm and content. And to be that the mantra is simple, ‘It Doesn’t Matter.’

India is a land of culture and customs. Here, the society in the name of custom and rituals numbs the voices of young ones. Especially when it comes to sensitive problems such as child sexual abuse. Sex abuse is one of the common problems in India which is faced by almost every child at least once while growing. Some of them fight back, while others just remain quiet and get deeply wounded for life.

Here, the question is not ‘How do they (culprits) get courage to do so?’ it is obvious those are pervert minds with not​even a little bit of humanity and sanity left in them. The question is why don’t our own kids have enough courage to come and tell their parents? Why do they have to go through all the pain alone at a sensitive age? In a survey it was found that 53% of the total sample taken from 13 states children complained of having been sexually abused as a child.

Children are innocent, their minds only knows what they are taught and observe around them. Many a time they don’t realise that they have been abused, instead they take it as a game. Kids from the age group of 5 to 12 are considered to be easy target and are abused the most. These poor little victims are humiliated, threatened directly that if they tell their parents, their parents will punish them for doing wrong.

In most of the child sexual abuse cases the one who abuses is found to be a close family friend or sometimes a family member itself (50% to be exact). Cases have been observed where not only girls but young boys also have been victimised in fact out of the total population 54% were boys who were abused and sometimes they result in serious injuries both mental and physical.

By the time they realise it’s not their fault it is too late and the incident leaves a mark on their mind forever. Such a child who has been a victim of such social evil might grow up into a normal person from outside but inside, he/she is always filled with insecurities. They get highly alert when they are too close to anyone physically, they avoid people around them and wish to be alone most of the time and in many cases the child is physically harmed for life. When such children grow up they feel lots of complexities and develop trust issues.

Why do they get scared while they get hurt physically and mentally? The answers to those question actually lies around us. It is our society! We give much hype to things that actually don’t require attention and walk away from things that need to be solved and seek our attention. We have such closed society and the so-called culture and custom which ends up creating a huge space between the children and the parents. Here, in India, sex is a private thing to discuss, watching a condom advertisement with parents is embarrassing and avoided. Then, how do we expect that a discussion on it will ever happen? In fact in some of the cases it is noted that the families ask their children not to talk about it at all to anyone.

Sex education today is need of the hour, children must be told and taught that their private parts are not to be touched by anyone else. There have been steps taken but those are not enough. Government also tried to conduct sex education classes but the irony is the word ‘sex’ is not allowed to be used in a class of sex education! Here, there is no use of providing such education because the government itself views sex as ‘taboo’.

It would be best if such education is provided at home because this will break the barriers among the family. It gives a caring gesture to the children that they may talk about anything to their parents, even about sex and issues related to it. This may be a little uncomfortable at first but can save lots of other discomforts​ that might occur in future. It is not only for a girl child but sex education is equally important for boys as well.