One of the most important topics that have come to debate in the recent past is the one where one’s culture is being influenced by the west. India is a culturally rich country having more than thousands of diversifying cultures which have their history dated back to the beginning , yet it has now fallen prey to the western influence. Thanks to globalization and education. In this forum I would like to bring to the reader’s notice that this has been written in a completely subjective note and hence it is merely voicing out my opinions.
The culture and heritage that we have inherited from our forefathers and ancestors have definitely created an identity for us, a one that has strongly established our existence in the world and making a stamp on everyone’s page signifying our importance and what we represent. There were/are some conditions and superstitions that we would question and yes we have succeeded in removing many forms of evil from our cycle. But at this junction right now, we are blatantly beginning to question the basic elements which are the roots of our culture. The questioning spirit brought about by the rise in intellectual knowledge has fuelled our inquisitiveness to an extent where we question our own identity (indirectly). Further the concept of the world as a global village has further reduced the proximity amongst the different nations thus bringing them closer. This has resulted in cultural interaction and learning one another’s culture. This interaction is very beneficial for all cultures as it educates the others and also increases their knowledge. It might also help them in a certain way to counter problems they face. However the people have now started blindly accepting the western culture without any basic questioning or logic. They have rather started to accept the culture largely because it is followed worldwide and is a pseudo trend. The world then believed that racially the westerners were superior to the rest of the world and now they believe that the lifestyle and culture of the westerners is the global standard for people and society. They however fail to realize that their own indigenous culture is the oldest and has some original meaning concealed in various layers and also it is the one which the world respects. Unlike the American culture which is borrowed from all over the world, ours is one which makes us proud.
We have seen people who forget their mother tongue to start conversing in English so that the world believes that they are educated and literates. We have seen people move on from dhotis and pajamas to jeans and t shirts. People have also moved on from roti and ragi to pizza and pepsi. Let us not forget our staple food is staple to us because it suits the climate and the weather and not because it is the only thing that we could afford. Let us remember that with questioning comes logical thinking and scientific reasoning. When 3/4th of the world respects India today, it is not because India is changing rapidly. Its because India has still managed to retain its vibrant culture even though so many centuries have gone past. Unlike what we do always we should not let our cultures go extinct and then try to revive it back. Rather let us set out on a path where we pay equal importance to all cultures and yet forget none.

India has the world’s second-largest mobile phone user base with over 929.37 million users as of May 2012. In the year 2008 mobile phone changed the way it was. Mobile Phones became smartphones. It was not only for calling but useful for other purposes too. Before some years, mobiles were there just to call and converse with people if needed. But later on it became the approach for anything and everything. And I don’t think that anybody will deny the contribution of Android in this outcome. But very few know the story behind it.

Most of us think that Android was founded by Google, but it is not the reality. It was built by four not so known software engineers in the year 2003. ‘Andy Rubin’ was one of them. The intention behind it was to make a smart phone with an advanced operating system for digital cameras. But because of the poor response from market, they diverted their effort to make a operating system which can compete with Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

This whole process went very secretly, No body was aware of this project. Google then went with this innovation to enter the mobile market. HTC Dream was the first commercially available smartphone having Android as it’s operating system, released on October 22, 2008 under the supervision of Andy Rubin and group. Sundar Pichai, succeeded Andy Rubin as the next head of Android and Chrome OS before becoming CEO of Google.

People were a lot skeptical about Android in the starting but became fan of it later. Android also came into smart watches. But Sony was the first company to launch a smartwatch with Android OS in 2010. Android also developed Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Android Wear for wrist watches,each with a specialized user interface. Variants of Android are also used on notebooks, game consoles,digital cameras, and other electronics. Today after a decade of it’s invention Android has acquired 85% of the smartphone OS market share. Later this became the reason behind the stress in the relationship between Google and Android. Otherwise before some years iphone was configured with a number of Google application. We are surrounded by Android just like air.

KISS, when this word strikes in mind, almost everyone thinks the same. But after reading this article your mindset will change for this word.
Most of you know about Quora, right ?? So basically it is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered and organized by its community of users. On Quora, a guy asked , “What is the most interesting fact that you know and I don’t, but I should?”
Someone replied to this answer with interesting but inspirational facts. It was about KISS (Kalinga Institute of Social Science). It might sound a institute which somehow help students with their studies or economically or so. But it is far beyond that.
KISS is a Non government organisation which is the world’s largest and most efficient NGO in India which was founded in 1993 by Achyuta Samanta. It is a residential institute for tribals of Bhubaneswar.

Facts about KISS :
1.KISS is a home of so many tribal students (who would be otherwise forced to beg for survival). 25,000 students get shelter, study, career development, and healthcare each year. Not only schooling but college for higher education upto post-graduation as they have KISS college for the same.

2. The students from this institute have achieved remarkable results in almost every field including IIT-JEE, CA-CPT and even in sports. One of the students had almost made it to Rio 2016 Olympics and six girls were selected as probables in Indian Women’s Team for Asian Women 7’s Rugby Championship to be held in Mumbai.

3. It prepares food for 25,000 students everyday and it is therefore counted as one of the India’s mega kitchen. It’s dining hall is spread in acres.

4. Not only the kitchen but it has its own waste management system which generates bio-gas by the organic waste which is supplied at its own kitchen.

5. When it comes to electricity, they uses solar energy to light the fans and LEDs.

The Director of KISS follows what it calls the “Art of Giving”, a humanitarian and philanthropic concept of simple living and high thinking.

The cry for liberty has resided in this world since the time it came into existence and was not just started with the birth of human race. However, it was started to be engraved as records only when the narration of tales of fights and victories begun. Every chapter in the history of mankind had its share of struggle to win this freedom. This war has been an integral part of our survival for so long, that no one can recall a period which was free from the battles against being chained.

Several of these conflicts were day to day events in the days when words like modernization and globalisation were mere concepts or ideas that was seen as the future of the world. It was dreamt that post those wars against the tyrants, the world will become one progressive family but did that really happen? Sadly, the ones against the autocrats got their cloaks made of the same outlook and began to rule the world. So what gain did these “modernization” and “globalisation” brought to us when we got our relationships buried beneath the claws of oppression that bore feathers of liberty but just for the sake of show.

If we stop to take a look around the world today not one place exists which is free from the smoke of terror and wails of pain. The constraints on the countries are no longer by a ruler and definitely not political at least in most of the cases. But what have deprived us of our freedom today are emotions and false interpretations. Greed for power, money, superiority and ego has driven the world to take desperate attempts to establish their authority over others. But what has been the biggest slap on our face is the chaining down of our very existence in the name of Religion- something which was created to bring peace in our lives but ended up creating demons.

Not one day goes by when a newspaper or news channels do not show massacre in some part of the world. Be it remote or the capital city, the loss of loved ones shoots bullets in the hearts of the onlookers alike. We want the new generation to believe that they live in a free world but how can we prove it to them when the first picture on the timeline of their social website shows a mother holding a blood stained shoe of her child who was shown his way out of his world because someone else was not fine with granting the non-believers of their ideologies the basic liberty to live their life.

From the middle school debates to the biggest conferences in the world, everyone brags about the need of peace but do they understand that their grant of freedom will not bring them the peace alone. What we need to understand is that there are a few captivations which lie way beyond the political and economic agendas. There is a large population out there which needs to be are liberal of the misconceptions they hold and the quench for authority they suffer from. The world needs liberty from these clasps because unless we are free from them, we shall forget what makes us human and eventually with no humans left, there will not be any relationship. Clock is ticking at its pace but events have started to take place faster. Now it’s our turn to decide if we can get to a path which makes us a family or continue to go on the same which has our doom awaiting us. Time to think!

“WHY I THINK BURHAN WANI’S KILLING WAS EXTRA JUDICIAL” – Kavita Krishnan’s article came up on my news feed..

The first apparent reaction and the expression i had was unknown to me until now… My first reaction was me being confused and the expression that i deciphered later on was a mix of disgust, confusion, disbelief, laughter and a phased out one.

Now i wont quote instances of Dr Shah Faesal (IAS) whoose father was killed by the Militants but still went on to become the topper or the numerous slain Army Officers and Soldiers dying everyday to achieve peace in the Area or other famous stories but a small instance that makes me believe that why Burhan Wani’s killing was just and the Army should receive Accolades for gunning the HM Commander Down.
I remember back in 2009 my father was posted somewhere in the valley (Army) where he befriended a kashmiri small time carpet merchant, now his home was in the interiors of Srinagar. The merchant very well knew who my father was what my fathers credentials were. He took us to his home deep in the interiors as we were on our way umm not in the army vehicle, neither was my father carrying a firearm nor without a Protection team neither was he dressed in the uniform, my dad confidentiality drove our tayaji’s Innova which Btw had a Punjab number. We visited his home as he invited us over. We had a Daawat. The entire family scrambled in action to arrange for our comfort.
Not that i ever thought of it at that precise moment but when i look back that if he had been the likes of anti army anti india… He could have easily handed us over to the terrorists and then that situation could’ve become the biggest news ever of an Army Officer along with his family being held hostage.
He too was facing from economic disruption poor facilities… His house and his shop were right where a small affair would lead to a curfew and where his shops would see its shutter down till gods knows of what length. He like any other father wanted better facilities. He like other humans wanted to succed. He like all of us was annoyed by the policies and promises by the govt.
He probably would’ve made alot of money the militants would give him for such a nice fish.

But he didn’t… He didn’t raise a gun he didn’t inflict blood he didn’t. He respected my dad’s friendship even though its difficult to stay where you could be BOYCOTTED, MARKED and even KILLED by the militants for having any sort of association with the Army.
That was day i realized that why Burhan Wani Like Elements can never succed can never make affects. Because amidst all those people who visited his funeral to pay homage to the Militant and those young boys who were payed a sum of Rs50 to pelt stones at the Security Forces lies one small carpet merchant trying to survive and earn a livelyhood like any of us. And is more than annoyed with the protests and riots and curfews due to which they are denied from their basic monetry income. And is annoyed to visit these funerals because if not present they would be marked by the terrorists.

Burhan Wani picked up his gun and went on to destroy the ‘n’ number of lives of the children, youth who he recruited to be a part of this deadly façade. These people were not willing to rebel he rather preyed on their weaknesses some wanted money for his mother’s operations some wanted money for his fathers broken shop some wanted for the wedding of his sister and some angry discruntled kiddo who had to much of an Ego to not let go his father’s slap in front of someone. He recruited them misguided them and streamed them into his way of thinking and lining. He manipulated them and took advantage. He disrupted peace and took lives of soldiers who have no motive to fight there because its not their native land but they laid their lives because its their MotherLand.
Burhan deserved to be killed.

We often pass by the homeless people living on streets begging for food, money and clothes, yet we sometimes help them and the majority of times treat them with our inhuman behaviour. We thrive to bring a change and yet fail to bring a change in their life. But every person isn’t the same, in a talk with Mr Sandeep Mutagi, an ethical hacker by profession, gave up everything to start an organisation named ” A NEW BEGINNING FOR HOMELESS”.

Founder of the organisation with a team of 6 members(Murali,Surya,Sagar,Monika,Roshni,Evelyn) started their journey in helping the homeless people and landed up in completing their 126th project this month under which helped a guy named GANGARAM wandering the streets of UPPAL, resident of UP in a depressed state due to his family issues. Mr Muttagi Along-with the team helped the guy, groomed him and helping to transform his miserable life into a successful one, they also plan to get him a job once they are successful in improving his mental condition.The organisation accepts donations in the form of Clothes & Food as the priority in 2014, the team made sure the donation is distributed amongst the people who needs them the most. The future endeavours also comprise of building homes for the homeless people in addition to the donations made by.Mr. Muttagi told us that they have never accepted donations in the form of monetary terms.

Sandeep and team feeding homeless
Sandeep and team feeding homeless

He further adds” The Society treats the homeless as untouchables, the barbers even don’t want to cut their hairs or touch them”. So it was a bit hard to provide the necessary arrangements but we were able to pull it off and gain success. His words not only provoke us to change our view towards these people but also should help them out in any possible way according to our capability.

If you will not call this an act of kindness, I don’t know what will then. Mr Muttagi this man has a vision of making a change in the life of the homeless people, by catering to their needs in the best possible ways and to heal the world.

His mission is to “End Homelessness”.

He even plans on opening up a shelter home in this month and plans to expand his horizon by opening up franchises in every city.

With contributing to a noble cause, we wish Mr Muttagi best wishes and success in their future endeavours and hopes to reach their mission soon.

If you came across anyone homeless contact on the +918801485611 above and give them a life.

feeding roodide

“If Karma makes us Pay for all our actions, then Bengaluru will surely lead its humans to bankruptcy”

Bengaluru, a city in south Indian state of Karnataka was once known for its pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes. The place however, has lost its geographical identity as a hill station since the time it claimed an economic identity of the “Silicon Valley” of India after it became the IT hub and was also recognised as one of the fastest growing IT cities of the world. Well, as the city was driven steadily to its development, its soul was being wrenched on the greedy demands of humans who transformed the city in terms of the materialistic and social definitions but forgot to address the transformation it was showcasing in its climate.

Summer was a pleasant affair in Bangalore where people enjoyed the soft glaze of the sun accompanied by chilled wind and mandatory sprinkles to grace the city in the evening every day. But things began to change for this recent hub when it invited the harsh answers of environment while attracting the profit oriented wolves from across the globe. The advent of technology in this IT capital of India provided for great opportunities in jobs and overturned the face of the city within a span of few years.

The city witnessed the growth rate of 38% in the past decade. In fact, the World Bank cited Bengaluru as an example of a city “struggling to cope with rapid growth” in their global monitoring report on the millennium development goals. In 1998, Bengaluru’s incomes were 24% higher than the national average. Its population doubled, from 3.1 million to more than 6 million. By 2005, the reported income was nearly 70% higher. But all of these tool a toll on the environment which Bangalore had embraced for years.

Bengaluru is now struggling in the brutal clutches urban heat island effect. Temperature and other climatic factors within the city limits differ vastly from what it earlier used to be. Scorching summers and no trace of rainfall for days are now common climatic trends in this IT hub. The city also experiences varied precipitation and the changes were prominent in the micro-climate as well. Bengaluru, which was a city of the perfect balance between the pleasant facets of sun, cold and rain has now become a land where experts foresight extremities of each of the weather conditions.

According to the reports by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Bengaluru witnessed its hottest March in fifteen years in the year 2013 by recording the highest maximum temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius and it was just the spring, summer was yet to come. Earlier, the highest ever temperature recorded in the whole year in Bengaluru was 37.3 degrees Celsius recorded in the year 1996.

To the people who have lived here for ages, this seems to be an ugly torture but the truth is that such changes are happening globally especially in the developing nations. We are blindly following our urge to build a world with machines but the entire effort will go in vain if the metal we build will melt in the environment created by us. As I type the concluding lines of this article, another “Bengaluru” story might have been initiated somewhere and that is an enough to explain why we need to put an end to our monstrous approach.


This story is Part of The United Nations  Sustainable Development Goals Campaign under Climate Action 

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