Indian farmers have had a rough time during the last decade. Farmers in India are poor inspite of high food price inflation. Food inflation is caused when there is a supply issue (failed monsoons, natural calamities, famine, crop destruction), when food produces perish due to bad weather, when there is damage while storing or during transport, due to centralised hoarding and black marketing by distributors. This causes an artificial scarcity of produce in the market. In these cases there is a food price inflation and customers pay more for food produce but farmers get no benefit from the price hike.

Whether there is an inflation or not farmers get only a fixed value for their produce which is called Minimum Support Price (MSP), which is fixed by the government, and a small bonus sometimes. The MSP does not allow for big margins. The condition is the same even when the procurement is made by private sales middlemen. So majority of the profit goes into the hands of the middlemen or processing or distribution companies and retailers. Farmers don’t get any benefit for the market price movements.

Many farmers avail loans and take credits for many things like buying seeds, fertilizers and irrigation equipments. Prices of seeds and fertilizers remain high even during drought conditions. By the time the crop is ready for harvest the farmer has to pay his debts. Most farmers don’t have the facility to store the produce after the harvest. He takes his produce to the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee mandi. Here the farmers face transportation problems. The procurement infrastructure is much scattered and farmers do not have resources to bring their produce to mandis even when they are within 100 km from their villages. The farmers have to pay a transportation fee.

In the mandi the farmers are compelled to sell their produce to a specified buyer. The person in the mandi quotes a random price which is not acceptable by the farmer. Even in the government controlled auction centres officials and buyers conspire together secretly. Market is flooded with the produce and all the warehouses are full. The farmer is not able to do anything and he sells it at the price quoted by the commission agent in the mandi. Middlemen abuse farmers by buying their produce at low prices. Layer upon layer of middlemen mediate between the farmer and the consumer. The more the middlemen, the greater is the arbitrage and wider the gap between the price paid to the farmer and what the consumer pays.

Farmers struggle to sell their produce in the marketAgricultural Produce Marketing Committee prohibits the farmers from dealing directly with buyers and asks them to sell to licensed middlemen. The aim was to give India’s farming community a fair and consistent price for their produce. But over the years, the system has created several layers of intermediaries, lengthening the supply chain and increasing the opportunity for cartels to form, which in turn drive prices down for farmers and up for consumers.

Government announces MSP to insure farmers against any sharp fall in farm prices. The MSP is announced by the Government of India at the beginning of the sowing season on the basis of the recommendations of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices. The MSP is fixed by the government to protect the farmers against excessive falls in price during bumper production periods. At such times the supply is high and the demand is low. The farmers can always sell their produce at MSP. If the market price is above MSP then they can sell it at market price. If the market price falls below the MSP during bumper production then government agencies should purchase the produce at announced MSP. Only a few food grains are procured by the Government of India and hence fixing MSP for various agricultural produces has no meaning.

The food grains which come to the mandi are first made available to the private traders. Only when there is no buyer left to buy the produce the Food Corporation of India buys the grains at the MSP. MSP was started as a safety net for farmers through a guarantee that if their produce is left unsold in the market, it will be bought by the government. The procurement price is the price which the government pays when it buys food grains which is needed to maintain buffer stock or for Public Distribution System. Once the government has purchased the required quantity the left over produce can be sold only at MSP.

Food grains in the mandiThe MSP is always less than or equal to the government declared procurement price. Also the procurement price is always lower than the market price. MSP is announced before sowing the crop and procurement price is announced before harvesting the crop. MSP was introduced around 60 years back and now it fails to safeguard the farmers. Moreover government announces MSP for 25 crops only. 86% of farmers don’t come under MSP protection. MSP is not provided for fruits and vegetables.

Farmers are crying out for attention. The farmers are the majority voters in India but the government is not paying any attention to them. Only when the farmers are given pricing power farming will become a sustainable sector. What a farmer wants​ is a fair price for his produce. Who will fix it – the farmer or the government?

Remember when you were a kid, you were taught to use three magical words, sorry, thank you and please, in order to lead a pleasant life and a well-mannered one. Over the time, these values have changed and so have these magical words. The new magical words are definitely not ‘I love you”, but something else but before we get to that let’s take a quick view on our life styles today.

  • We are surrounded by various people-the jealous ones, the funny ones, the poking nose ones, also the bossy ones and many more who ultimately have one goal in their life to make our lives miserable! They may irritate and annoy us to death while we might not be able to do anything.
  • We have our own mini versions of war, the disputes with neighbor, colleague, family which gives us sleepless nights for weeks.Also, we are surrounded by wars-Syria, Libya, Iraq which are there to snatch our mental peace.
  • Our own habits of worrying on every small thing that really do not require much attention. But we are so much into perfection and competition that we over-estimate everything and panic.

All these ultimately results in one thing- STRESS.

So, what should be done to fight this stress, is there any ‘mantra’ to deal with it?

Yes, the modern magical words help you to keep calm and stress free. The three magic words to fight stress is “IT DOESN’T MATTER”. Yes you read that right ‘it doesn’t matter’!

Whenever you see around and realize that there are matters, people or anything else happening around that really disturbs you and though you wish to stop it, it cannot be controlled just relax for a few minutes and think for a while, “how in any possible way is it going to affect you?” If the answer is not clear or NO, then just say the three magical words IT DOESN’T MATTER and move on!

Most of the time, the reason for our troubles and stress is usually we ourselves and our habit of interfering into other’s matter or else taking small things too seriously. You should learn that a particular person or incident that has disturbed you and given you stress, how much that person really matters in your life.

So, here is a golden tip: Put “It doesn’t matter” on your phone screen, because phone is what matters to us and we check it very often. If you apply it to any situation of stress, it may surprise you how it might work 9 out of 10 times.

It might be questionable to many and even thought to be selfish but sometimes the secret to lead a pleasant life is being selfish. Being happy is the primary goal of every human, and to be happy one has to be calm and content. And to be that the mantra is simple, ‘It Doesn’t Matter.’

Wedding, a traditional ritual, bonding two people for life. It is one of the pillars on which the society stands. It has been coming over through thousands of generations. But over the years the meaning and values of wedding has changed a lot. In India, where weddings are an important part of the society, the ritual is losing its value.

Today marriages are seen more like a business rather than a bond for life. Dowry, one of the social evils is killing the essence of wedding. The greed of people has lead this auspicious ceremony to become a business deal. Dowry means gifts which was given by a father to his daughter on her wedding day so that she does not have to ask her in-laws for any basic necessity of her and may get settled​ there easily. But today the meaning of dowry has changed, it’s no longer a gift to the girl but a bribe paid to her in-laws for no reasons. Today, boys in the society walk around with price tag and during the wedding boy’s family literally ask for the money as if it’s not a wedding but a transaction to be held. The more qualified a guy is the more “costly” he gets.

Dowry gives rise to many other social evils such as house arrest, bride burning, suicide etc. Endless cases are heard about how people are insulted, girls are murdered, and marriages break due to dowry demand. These problems are endless and fulfilling the demands is not the solution as the desires keep on increasing. The only way to stop this social evil is by saying NO to dowry!

Dowry might be a major problem but is not the only problem, another problem is competitive relatives. Indians have this special habit of showing off and poking their nose into others lives. And when these two combine they just make any day a miserable one for anyone. The society has increased the standards of wedding so high that an average middle class man has to go twice to his budget to arrange an “average” function. Every time a wedding ceremony happens it is compared to the previous one that had happened and no matter how good you have organised, one thing is missing and your name will be in trend. There has to be more variety of cuisine, the decor has to be highly sophisticated, the dresses of the bride and groom have to be designer, even the dresses of the family has to be up to the latest fashion magazine or else the group of talkative aunties will kill you by their looks of pity.

Another issue that arises​ is the fraud cases. There have been several cases found in recent times where girls are fooled to marry an imposter for dowry or to a married man in order to provide kids and sometimes they are even sold and pushed into prostitution. It is very important for the families to know and understand well each other before getting into any relationship.

These are the reason why the youth today is losing its faith from the ritual of wedding. The girls who are seen as some liabilities by their parents no matter how capable or qualified they are, don’t wish to get married to a man who values​ money more than them. The boys who are literate understand that they have been labelled with a price by their family.

In order to save this ancient custom, families must understand that dowry, food, dresses etc comes secondary, the first thing that comes and is most important is the bond, the relationship in which two people are going to be, and then they should decide rest of the things.

The LuLu Shopping Center and Hypermarket in Abu Dhabi, on Thursday, declared a 30-minute “free sale” for the shoppers there. This was a Ramadan gift by a 26-year-old billionaire. Everything on sale at the mall was free, with no conditions applied. The crowd went ballistic, with the women grabbing every piece of fabric they could get their hands on and the men hauling every electronic that they could. There was a stampede, with people trying to get everything before someone else could. They were hitting each other, fighting over merchandise, salvaging all the racks in the process. There was utter chaos and mayhem due to the “free sale” at the mall.

Imagine such a situation in India!

What if a Big Bazaar or a HyperCity in any Indian city declared everything on sale as free for 30 minutes? There have always been frequent incidences at hypermarket sales in India where men and women have got into spats over one product. Now, if everything were to be sold for free, it’s hard to imagine the chaos that it will unleash. The situation would be worse than the one that took place in Abu Dhabi. Everything that a middle-class man wishes to buy would be free for him for a span of thirty minutes, the only concern being the other people who’d be flocking to buy the same things. Put on alert by this, every woman and man at the mall will try to get their hands on anything and everything possible before anyone else does. In this, a stampede will be unavoidable. People, in their frenzy, will end up in tussles with each other. There will be a lot of damage done to the merchandise, the property of the mall, and to the people themselves. It will become a situation that would not be able to be controlled by any kind of security.

A similar thing did happen in India when Indian billionaire, Mukesh Ambani, commercially launched his LTE mobile network operator, Jio. Internet and calling services were declared free for the first three months following the launch, and this came with no conditions whatsoever. Even before the SIM card was launched, there were queues building outside digital stores across the country. People were queueing up outside the stores from as early as 5 a.m. to be able to buy the SIM cards. The Reliance stores had been running out of stock due to the heavy demand for them. Dealers were buying the cards in bulk, selling them to others at much higher prices. People waited in queues for hours everyday until they were able to acquire a SIM card. By the third month of the launch, almost every household in India was using two mobile numbers – the one that they already had been using, and the other, their new Jio number.

Seeing how opportunistic Indians can be in such situations, it is best that billionaires refrain from putting up goods for free in this manner. The damage that such sales cause is a high enough price to pay for the free merchandise!

A two day “Startup India Summit” held in Abu Dhabi, UAE was organized by the Indian embassy in Dubai and Consul G haveeneral of India in partnership with Indian Software Products Industry Round Table (iSPIRT).

This provides a single platform for both India and UAE to come together to collaborate with investors and stakeholders for different sectors like technology, medicine, software, and Artificial intelligence.


The Indian ambassador said  “Different companies are at different stages of evolution and certain number of them are looking to grow further. Several others offer attractive investment opportunities. So, we hope to give them an opportunity to mix with the UAE investors, private businesses, sovereign funds and investors. Another objective is to change perceptions that India is not just an outsourcing capital, but has also got innovators and entrepreneurs.”


1. Dubai is a big financial hub, whereas India is one of the biggest startup hubs in the world. This will provide a big investment opportunity for UAE to invest in the country’s booming market.

2. It will increase the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of the country.

3. It will boost the startup companies to invest more in future by getting an access to funding opportunities.

4. This will help to improve the trade relations between the nations involved in the summit in the long run.

On the whole, the startup Indian Summit provides the startups funding, which acts as a source of investment for the nations involved in the summit as they will get benefited in the long run through the investments they make in these diverse startup ideas. So if you look at the big picture, both the startup and the investors are benefited and hence there is partnered growth.

This startup Summit will prove advantageous for both India and UAE and provide a platform for investors to invest in different companies.



Why do girls need to think twice before wearing a dress? Why don’t their parents allow them to go out for late night parties?Why do they have to face eyes screening their bodies? Why do the have to be cautious as well as keep a track of vehicles following them while travelling?Why are they not allowed to go on trips as often as boys of their age? Why does the family start worrying about their marriage the minute they are born? These are some unanswered questions that have been bothering us for quite some time.

Almost daily the media highlights that how in every minute a girl is raped and one among the three rape victims are below the age of 18, thousands of young ladies are forcibly hurled into bestial acts through human trafficking. Only days after the verdict on Nirbhaya case which brought a sense of security in the minds of women, there was yet another rape case in which 22 year old girl hailing from Sikkim was raped in a moving car in the rape capital of India. However, one​ thing which we still do not understand is why our policy makers are not taking serious steps towards the safety of the fairer sex. These are the matters of zero-tolerance and should not be swept under the carpet. We should also adopt some brutal ways of punishment that are prevalent in the Middle East against such heinous acts.

Evil in all forms is ugly. However, hard one may try to evade it, it still poisons all the good present in our society. The atrocities against women are escalating at an alarming rate . At times even if a girl raises her voice against harassment, others refuse to join her or at times simply ignore her because most people think “HOW WOULD ONE VOICE MAKE A DIFFERENCE, anyway!?”

Why cannot we make that ONE voice a voice of millions transcending all barriers and become a reason for change. It is time that we, take bold steps to guide , foster and support girls. Our country’s tomorrow is in our hands. Let it not dwell into darkness. Let us raise voice and raise it to a level where it will be heard!

Imagine a day without your Mother. How would it be? Easy or hard? Sad or happy?. Well, if asked to me, it would have been really very SAD. Our life is filled with relationships and one such is the special bond between a Child and a Mother. “Mother” is a byword for “love”. From school to college to professional accomplishments she stays by her child’s side at every moment of glory and agony. Her smile to her child is more important than her tears.

The “Mother’s Day” concept was first adopted by an American Citizen, ANNA JARVIS in 1908. She held a campaign to make the “Mother’s Day” a recognised holiday in US. Later in 1914, the US government declared second Sunday of May as the National Holiday. Anna is also known as the founder of Mother’s Day.

“A mother is she who can take the place of  all others but whose place no one else can take” – ANNA

Motherhood is a beautiful blessing, but it certainly has its challenges. One such mom which comes to our mind is Rani Laxmi Bai. She is the most fearless and rebellious queen who fought against British army. She tied her son to her back and fought bravely with two swords. Rani Laxmi Bai lost to British soldiers but she will, forever remain an inspiration.

Mother’s Day is celebrated differently by different people. Some gift them cards, flowers, perfume and cakes. And why do we celebrate it? It’s because she is the one who guides you throughout your life, she is the one who sacrifies her needs for you, she brings the family together, she is happy when you are happy, last but not the least she acts as a backbone for your success. But one question that each of us should ask ourselves on this Mother’s day: is one day really enough to honor the person who is responsible for your existence? Is it just one day we think about our Mom, in a year ?

It’s certainly not.

Rather than thinking one day about your Mom, let’s turn each day into Mother’s Day.

How many languages do you speak? One, two, three – whatever the number is just add one more to it, because consciously or unconsciously we all speak one more language, it’s called the “body language”. Do you know you will be judged more on your body language than the words you speak? No matter what you hear you often tend to believe more on what you see. Hence proved! Body language is more important than the words you use.

Gestures and movements provide the visuals that accompany our words .So, here are some tips to improve these vital things;


Everyone knows that they should wear good formal clothes in an interview. But wearing formals is just not the basic interview outfit, what matters is how well you wear it and how tidy it is. Not to forget your hair style and your shoes. Make sure your shoes are well polished. Everything counts. It not only makes you look good but also feel good.


The idea is to show that you are confident, honest and you know what you are talking about. It is important to make an eye contact but do not stare. And also make sure you blink once in a while. In short, be natural.


Do not miss it ! It is a very important part of formal communication. Don’t be lazy or too hard while shaking hands. Also, do not shake hand for too long.The handshake must be firm but not too tight. A couple of seconds is enough.



Confident posture gets you noticed for all the right reasons because your posture reflects your attitude. While giving an interview, do not lean backward, it gives an impression that you are too casual or overconfident.Sit straight and bend a little bit towards the interviewer, this shows that you are interested in the conversation. But feel free to be flexible as you don’t have to be in one position.


Move your hands while talking but do not over do it. Some people have a habit of hiding their hands somewhere between the legs – not a good idea. But that doesn’t mean that you can use your hands to do anything you want.

Final advice would be to practice in front of the mirror or in front of someone so that you can get some feedbacks.Because when you give an interview your mind should not worry about your body language and you should focus on giving your best performance. So by practice, you can make these things come naturally​ to you.

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see a disabled person? So many of us have this feeling , oh! He or she is not one of us, he or she is not normal. But why? What crime did they do to get abandoned from our society like this. Was it their fault that their physique is somewhat different. And even if it is, they are also human beings and their emotions are same. According to a report, 40-80 million people are disabled in India. Which in itself is a community, so how can we say they are not normal.

Think about how you would feel if the whole class will see you when you are not as capable as them, and you are not included in the class activity. Think about the mental trauma that disabled people have to go through, every moment.
First of all they have some physical problem, and then by making them realising it, again and again,we are making it harder for them. Instead of appreciating them that even after being a disabled person, they are standing in front of us. ‘Nick Vujicic’, a very famous motivator, has no limbs or arms. We all know, how people would have teased him before he reach there? But yes, it is not possible for everyone to reach there. Someone very rightly said, “we are as delicate as glass, a small ignorance and you are broke”. It is ironical, that in this case, the culprits are us, whereas they are getting punishments.

We should appreciate the move of ‘Mr. Narendra Modi,’ where he refrained people from calling them ‘Viklang’ and devoted them a new word, ‘Divyang'( special qualities).

‘Shekhar naik’ the captain of Indian blind cricket team, has blindness because in his case it is hereditary. But still, last month his team won t20 blind cricket wold cup. There are a number of examples, which will make you feel disabled with their level of success. So start appreciating. Be human, do humanities.

Pakistan, the “most favored nation” for India, has been given right answer in the way they want….

After the Uri attack, PM Modi and Indian Army has been trolled for not giving right answer. But Indians can take a “peaceful” sleep in today’s night because answer has been given to the right group at the right time in the right way. The answer has been given not only on border by our Honorable India Army but also by our hockey players who today beat Pakistan in the U-18 Asia cup and enters into finals!

This all happens because Indians (Army, Government and residents) wanted it. Within 10 days of the Coward attack by Pakistan on 18 innocent Army men, Pakistan has been covered from all sides whether from SAARC summit which not only India has refused to attend, to borders to playground….

The surgical strike that has happened from 12.30 am last night to 4.30 am in the morning. In the process, Indian Army with its fighter planes went to LoC and crossed it and place bombs in and around the place where terrorists group (38 in number)were ready to enter into India. No Indian casualties had happened during the strike. Note it is not war, just an indication or beginning of war!

As far as hockey match between India and Pakistan is concerned, Indian players have registered a comprehensive victory with 3-1 in the semi-finals. Now, entered into finals of U-18. By this a mesaage has been given to Pakistan that STOP playing terror “games”, you will lose every time against India.

 Pakistan (Army, Government and residents of Pakistan) read this carefully, advice:


and a warning:

 What you are giving to us (world), we will give you back with interest!  You are alone, we are 125 Million in number……

#ProudonIndiarmy, #Jai Hind