Traffic Congestion Problems Troubling People in India

India, with a population of about 1.3 billion is ranking second in the world for highest population. It is amazing to see how traffic police of India manage and control the traffic with their skill. It will be better if some changes are made for effective traffic management because this will directly lead to reduction in the accidents that happen everyday either on roads while commuting or on highways.
Traffic congestion is a serious issue in metro cities of India specially Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and the reason behind this problem is migration of people in search of better job and lifestyle. Population density per is much more than what it should be. Government cannot stop people from migrating, but what government can do is to provide better facilities and effective management of traffic.
Let us take the example of Ahmadabad , one of the cities that is waiting to become a metro city, currently AMTS is running approximately 1227 buses and among them 977 are active buses and 250 buses are BRTS uses . By introduction of BRTS buses it has diverted lot of population to use public transport but still people prefer personal vehicle and reason behind this cause is very simple and valid.
Having personal vehicle saves time and money, provides comfort and ease. The most important thing to be noted is private vehicle is helpful in emergency situations. But on the other side it leads to more accidents as well because people drive in harsh manner in a high speed.  Statistics says that  a large number of new vehicles also contribute to accidents. Bumps, speed breakers and driving while talking on phone are major causes of fatalities, accidents and deaths.
The number of accidents and deaths on the roads are 72/hr; 1278/day and 630720/year
(All figures are approx.; Source: Transport research wing, Ministry of road transport and highways)

Statistics of death accident and fatalities in percentage in every state

Uttar Pradesh – 12.8%

Tamil nadu – 11.4%

Maharashtra – 8.6%

Karnataka – 7.4%

Rajasthan – 6.9%

Madhya Pradesh – 6.4%

Andhra Pradesh – 5.7%

Gujarat – 5.4%

Telangana – 4.8%

West Bengal – 4.3%

Punjab – 3.4%

Haryana – 3.3%

Bihar – 3.3%

Other states – 16.3%

Total – 100

(Source: Transport research wing, Ministry of road transport and highways).

Above data clearly shows that the Uttar Pradesh, state with one of the highest population is also on the top of the list and also lacks  proper transport facility  and speeding is also one of the major problem of UP and all the other states also .
Some suggestion to solve this congestion problems will simultaneously lead to reduction in accidents, deaths ,fatalities, reduction in pollution level, better air quality, less fuel consumption and better health and lifestyle. Government should invest in better planning and proper management like it should construct subways in six way lanes or market square areas, special lanes dedicated to buses, modern buses at various times of a day. Buses need transformation which will also encourage people to use public transport and at the same time it should be cheap as well so that they will use it frequently and fuel prices should be hiked for luxury cars and other such vehicles. Along with this government also needs to maintain the transport system well (like cleaning of bus stations every 6 hours this will also solve the problem of unemployment). Government should also employ state of the art scheduling policies for buses.  Applications for people to check buses and routes which will ease the communication and buses should be punctual. Safety is also an important aspect. Vehicle density per needs to be reduced as well. To encourage usage of public transport four wheelers should be made costly.
The state government of a particular state should encourage people to use bicycles and walk. They should declare one day as vehicle free day and this would lead to huge saving of fuel and it will also lead to fall in fuel prices in future. Other Asian countries and European countries are encouraging this idea because it helps to reduce the effects of global warming, noise and air pollution etc. Underground parking should be encouraged to reduce the traffic congestion problems on the streets. People should also take responsibility and drive safely and follow the traffic rules.