China looking to expand its investment through participation in Annual Investment Meeting

UAE enjoys privileged relations with various countries of the world, particularly the Republic of China.
The bilateral relations between China and UAE have witnessed a remarkable stature with the exchange of official visits between the two countries. This has resulted in the conclusion of cooperation agreements and the drafting of frameworks of economic partnerships. These efforts aim to open the doors for new and long-term economic partnership, reinforced by mutual interest, by participating in various economic events organized by two parties. Thus, China will be participating in the ninth edition of the Annual Investment Meeting which is taking place on 8-10 April 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The participation of the economic giant in the forum, which carries the theme ‘Mapping the Future of FDI: Enriching World Economies through Digital Globalization’, will focus on investments and on various available resources to achieve sustainable development within the parameters of China’s strategic plans.
AIM will provide an opportunity for both sides to strengthen economic cooperation and trade relations. In 2017, non-oil trade volume between the two countries exceeded the $53 billion mark. It is expected to reach $70 billion by 2020. China has also infused direct investment into UAE in the amount of $2.8 billion by the end of 2016, an increased of 33% spread across sectors including wholesale and retail trade, financial and insurance services, real estate, construction, transportation, storage, and others.  The forum aims to establish investment partnerships that will serve the development goals of participating countries by providing an opportunity for the exchange of visions among governments and the private sector to establish strong economic structures for investors and to link opportunities for sustainable economic growth.

Through joint meetings, the Chinese companies will seek to increase cooperation in the fields of innovation and technology transfer, economic diversification, exchange of data on relevant information, education, science and technology, renewable energy and water, oil and gas, culture and arts.

China will also seek to secure more agreements, especially in the field of intra-regional trade, to take advantage of the strategic location of the UAE as a global gateway for re-exporting 50% of Chinese products to GCC, Africa and Europe. More than 4,200 Chinese companies are based in the UAE, lured by diverse investment opportunities UAE provides spread over its vital economic sectors. UAE also offers Chinese citizens, who have reached 200,000 in residence in UAE, visa upon arrival which has contributed significantly to promote tourism and cultural exchange.

The Annual Investment Meeting is considered as one of the largest investment forums in the world. It has strengthened its position as a knowledge-based platform that will offer investors from various economic sectors the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the movement of global markets and the trends to identify and explore the most important investment opportunities. The forum will be attended by senior officials, ministers of economy, economists, and business communities from the around the world.

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