Divorce as a tool of legal terrorism

Divorce is simply breakdown of marriage. The objective of divorce is to dissolve martial relationship when spouses are not interested to be in martial relationship or to provide remedy to those who are facing cruelty or any other atrocities by their martial partner and their family members. But in present scenario it is misused by women.
Whatever I am going to share is true and is applicable for everybody. Indian society sees only one side of the narrative and is quick to judge the male partner. A woman in India needs only to file a dowry or domestic violence case against the husband and his family member and it is the onus of the men and his family member. Society and their friends form an opinion that they are guilty.
Adultery is one of the ground on which women can seek divorce in India. According to law a woman cannot be punished for adultery whereas a man can be punished for it. It is one of the loop holes of law. Or in other words there is gender bias due to law. There is rampant misuse of divorce law that some girls have made it their profession. First these girls marry guys and then either they lodge F.I.R or file a suit against their male partner for cruelty. Cruelty is such an offence which is nonbailable. When the male partner does not have any option they demand huge amount of money to withdraw the suit or F.I.R. According to the stats Fight against misusal of Dowry law reveals that 98% of the cruelty cases filed are false. It is very common in urban areas and especially among educated women. In 2003 there was a dowry case of Nisha Sharma which was a false case and in which court acquitted the accused due to lack of evidence. But for our society she was an anti–dowry icon till the judgment was passed by the court. Lawyers have a lead role in this type of false cases. In this type of cases they earn huge money. In one of its judgment Supreme Court said these laws are tool of legal terrorism. It also asked the government to review these laws. This has been discussed in Parliament many times but due to the pressure of women’s organizations and lawyers (many lawyers have top place in Parliament) a decision had not been made. For lawyers these false cases are a way to earn huge money and they don’t want to lose it.
Society always had an opinion that “If men and his family members have not done anything then they should not be scared. But society does not recognize it as a harassment. It is not just women but men also feel harassed. After all men are also human beings. There are numerous cases in which due to false charges and harassment men commit suicide. Now we are living in 20th century and equal rights are given to both men and women thus we must have equal laws for both.

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