Meet the man who strives to help people get the recognition they deserve

Mr. Tarun Mathur knows well what changes recognition can bring to a person’s life. He is the founder of the organisation¬†Hamari Pahchan. It is a NGO which is very much different from other NGOs. Here Mr. Tarun Mathur shares his experience and story behind Hamari Pahchan.


Mr. Tarun Mathur


Mr. Tarun Mathur realised the importance of “recognition” when he was very young. From his school days he was very much interested in sports and he was a talented chess player who won many awards at national and international level. Air India recognised his talent and offered him an honorary position. Even today he is working in Air India. But people did not give much importance to this game. And in India he did not get the recognition he deserved. This triggered him to start Galaxies Production House.

Galaxies Production House was started to help talented people to showcase their talents and get the recognition they deserved. People skilled in any field like sports, music, theatre arts, standup comedy were able to get a recognition through Galaxies Production House. Talented people from underprivileged sections of the society, those who cannot afford to pay for a coach or join a practice session to improve their skills were recognised by Galaxies Production House. They were helped to hone their skills and got recognised by winning competitions. Sometimes people were aided to polish their talents and then they made a livelihood through it.

Harish Sharma, son of an autorickshaw driver, was a talented chess player whose talent was recognised by Mr. Tarun Mathur. He helped the boy to develop his skills and he became the Champion of Delhi State Chess Tournament in 2010. He is now working in Northern Railways.

Mr. Tarun Mathur is definitely a man with a golden heart. Right from his school days he has been helping poor and sick people. Even his parents did not know about it. He paid the school fees for his friends who were unable to pay it due to the financial condition of their families. His wife Ms.Anjali Mathur provides huge support to him. She also had the habit of helping sick and poor people. This made them to think about starting their own NGO to help the needy people. This paved the way for Hamari Pahchan.

Hamari Pahchan helps all people without differentiating them according to their gender, age group or social status. It helps elderly, sick and underprevileged by providing them with food, clothes, medicines and even counseling. It also conducts awareness programs for women and children and skill development programs for all. They help talented people to utilise their skills and set up their own business. Those who benefitted motivate other people with talents to approach Hamari Pahchan to hone their skills and get a recognition.

The Save Delhi Brave Delhi drive was initiated by Mr. Tarun Mathur and his wife. The Nirbhaya incident affected him deeply and it was the reason behind this. He wants to make Delhi safe for women and children. He joined hands with President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu to install multiple cameras in various places in Delhi to bring down the crime rate and eliminate it completely. Later this was followed all over India.

Mr. Tarun Mathur wants the children to be aware of their “right to play”. He points out that playing is important for a child’s development. Hamari Pahchan also provides education to slum children. They also educate the children about Good Touch and Bad Touch through their Drishti project.

Mr. Tarun Mathur is a man who provides relief and spreads smiles. He is also a debater and a panelist in many debate shows regarding social issues in channels like Sahara Samay live, News18 and News 24.

Mr. Tarun Mathur urges the youth of India to take efforts to develop their skills and lead a happy and successful life. Every person deserves a recognition. Getting a recognition gives him more satisfaction than anything else. So Hamari Pahchan is undoubtedly the best organisation which helps people develop their skills and empower themselves. It will help them to create their own identity and lead a life with dignity.





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