Technothlon – Competition for your intellect

Do you want to test your mental aptitude, logic, and dexterity? There is a wonderful platform to build fundamental experience and knowledge to excercise coordination skills at school level.

This program recognizes the dire need of technical exposure among the school students. Technothlon is an international school championship organized by the students fraternity of IIT Guwahati. This program is conducted as a part of dire annual techno management festival called TECHNICHE.

It is an opportunity to expose the innovation and creativity of a student in all it rawness. Technothlon began in 2004 with an aim to inspire young minds. Journey of Technothlon was started in a small room but with the participation of 200 students confined within the city of Guwahati over past 14 years, now they have expanded their reach to 400 cities all over India and also to various international centers.

Structure of Technothlon:

Students are allowed to participate in teams consisting of two members. They are two squads: junior squad-classes 9th and 10th and Senior squad-classes 11th and 12th.

The championship program is conducted at two stages:

  • Prelims: During month of July written preliminary exam takes place in numerous schools in and around India. Prelims is an general objective written exam. It relies only on the students logical and analytical thinking ability. Two team member are given a common question paper and answer sheet. They can discuss it among themselves and attempt the paper together. The time limit is two and half an  hour. These questions are designed to check the intellect and problem solving ability of students. This year next edition of Technothlon (prelims) scheduled for 16 July.
  • Mains: Mains is an event based competition. The selected teams of the same squad compete against each other in various events. Each team will have to face pre events from which top 5 teams will be selected for the final showdown.

The events vary every year, it was conducted during “techniche”, the techno management festival of IIT Guwahati, held during the time period of 31st August to 3rd September 2017.

There are various exciting prices awarded to winning participants of Technothlon. It also includes a guided tour of the NASA, USA for the winner in each squad.

Offline registration can also be done by contacting under signed participants who have registered already can access through Technopedia the online module of Technothlon.

To know more about Technothlon 2017, please visit

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