Indian Team Selected for World Hip Hop Championship Needs Your Help!

Dancing is the loftiest, most moving, and the most beautiful of the arts. Because it is not mere transition or abstraction from life, it is life itself. Dance is a song of the body. Either of joy or pain.

A crew named Showstoppers expresses their passion for dance as a form of art. They started their dancing career from 2006. First, they were dancing locally and later elevated themselves to win the bronze medal at the Hip Hop Dance Championship 2017. They had been to the semifinals and finally achieved the platform to bring out their talents.

We all have heard a saying that hard work never fails. This became true in their life. Their tireless efforts to improve themselves and has made them attain the stage that all dancers dream of. It is a great opportunity to represent our nation to this world through this event. On their journey towards Hip Hop 2017, they need a little support from all of us, as a fund to take up the challenge.

The primary goal of the Show Stoppers is to represent India in an international platform and to win the medal for our country. ShowStoppers consider this as an opportunity to bring out the youth’s confidence and also to showcase their skills and talents to this world.

We all know that success cannot be achieved easily; we need to struggle a lot to gain recognition in this world. Showstoppers had undergone several personal problems in order to achieve this position. But despite their hard path they never give up their courage and trust that they had on themselves.

Since it is vacation time they haven’t got a studio or a room with mirror to practice. The only thing they had as hope with them was their passion out of which they attained this height at a young age.

Showstoppers are an inspiration to all the young blood in our country. With the motto, we shouldn’t​ give up our dreams. After a long struggle, they have attained the fruit of their hard work. They had gone through a long screening process to qualify themselves for Hip Hop International 2017.

The few achievements of our crew are:

  • NIT Calicut `12 (Winners)
  • Brandscan ’11 ,’16 (Winners)
  • NIT Surathkal ’15 (2nd Runner-up)
  • Hip Hop International 2016 (Semi-finalists) Adinalistult Division
  • Hip Hop ’14, ’15 finalists (Adult Division)
  • Boogie Woogie (finalists)
  • Hip Hop International – India ’17 Bronze Medallists (Mega new division) etc…

Hip Hop International 2017 unites the world of Hip Hop through dance. It is the land where 47+ countries gather together to express their talents in dance. Our Indian team ShowStoppers have qualified to Hip Hop International 2017 to represent our country. The event will be held in Arizona, the United States from 5th Aug – 12th Aug 2017.

The entire crew of ShowStoppers belong to Manipal University. Out of their own interest and hard work they have reached this height. Since our crew are college students they cannot afford to participate in the competition because they require a hefty amount for all the expenses.

On the whole their total expenditure costs around Rs. 31- 35 lakhs. Approximately 2 lakhs per head. One of their sponsors is IRB Infrastructure. We can show them our support by helping them financially. Do we know how many of us are going to get this opportunity?  So we can support them by giving them funds as much as we can to the people who will fly to represent the tricolor of our country at the international stage. Why can’t we be their financial supporters? To achieve their goal and passion. Let’s join our hands to help the representatives of our nation.


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