The ChangeMaker who is living a life of Passion with Purpose


Anil Annaiah, The ChangeMaker, was fascinated with the art of capturing images in a frame at an age as early as 11. Also, passionate about writing poems and essays, he was self-employed as an young entrepreneur. He was the founder and CEO of Annleela, a visual media company  started by him in 1989 during his college days.He worked as ideator, photographer, writer and filmmaker across corporate brands and development world for over a decade. In 1999, he collaborated with International Institute of Sustainable development (IISD), Canada, on a film production. He worked on 5 social marketing feature films about water, empowered by International Organisations, with well known actors across 5 states and in 6 languages.

These experiences made him to use his passion to bring about a change in the society. This is how he became a ChangeMaker. “BrandRadianz – Me The ChangeMaker” was founded in 2001, the same year his first book, “Nobody Speaks To [ME]” was released. He says [ME] is the true inner person residing within each of us. The book was about the need for brands to build radiance in the global society. He says the concept of Brand Radianz was introduced in that book and ideally calls it an “idea book”. The book’s core message stands till this day and it shows the value of the book and more urgent need for all to practice it.

Being a creative storyteller, he creates awareness among people about environment and nature through Art.


“Nature is Art for Conservation” is one among many projects of Brand Radianz which is a citizen science initiative using photography where the images challenge our perception of reality. According to him, a citizen scientist would be anyone who becomes aware of nature around him, observes it keenly, tries to understand its changing patterns and becomes an empathy-driven contributor to the larger pool of science data. Through films like “Discovering Science Through Lens,” he reveals nature’s secret for a sustainable environment. Discovering Science Through The Lens was a part of Swissnex – ScienceComm’17, India at the National Institute for Advanced Studies, IISC, Bangalore in June this year. On the account of Earth Day on 22nd April 2017, for the 4th consecutive year, the exhibition ‘Nature is art for conservation’ presented urban green gardens of Singapore in the name ‘City in the Garden Singapore’. In the creative concept of “A New Life Pledge”, he looks to inspire people to take a pledge for Conservation of Biodiversity and to become a citizen scientist.

Annaiah says the need of the hour is to protect our planet from climatic changes and to understand our environment in a holistic manner which is why he encourages people to live with nature and uses powerful and innovative tools to make people consider behavioral changes through projects like ‘SwachaGraha – start 3 Green Spots’. Annaiah says he had an opportunity to interact with leading experts of waste management domain – SWMRT and was inspired by their work before he could design SwachaGraha. 3 Green Spots is for composting your green waste, growing your own greens and using them in your kitchen. Apart from working diligently to bring about behavioral changes in our carefree perception of the environment, he also worked on different societal challenges like Education, Water and Autism awareness over the last two decades. “Now Get In” is a campaign for Autism awareness which is one of his future projects, it features his award-winning documentary “Let’s Leap Forward” as an important learning tool.

To him, Technology is a wonderful tool which would help protect our world. Using this, through Brand Radianz, he aims to impart a constant deep understanding of our problems and to get people engage in issues in which they can participate. Annaiah’s wish is to inspire each person on this planet and make them become ‘Me The ChangeMaker’. Being an author, he is an avid reader and has special interests on autobiographies. He believes that every good book offers us a valuable experience. He also authored 3 other books – Simple Perceptions, New Clouds, and My Mirrors which he says are writings of his thoughts.

Annaiah is multi-talented. Being an artist, filmmaker, photographer, ideator, storyteller, author, and CEO, he knew the techniques to blend those in right proportions to incite changes for social good. Anil Annaiah has a message for aspiring Indian youth, he wants them “to find goals for themselves that are meaningful and to work towards them sincerely. The fast-paced changing times calls for clarity of thought. One should apply their youthful energy and talents wisely. All should choose positive domains to work in and make a lasting contribution to the society we live in.”

If you want to change something, anything, you need to change first. You should be the change. Annaiah is one and wants us also to become one. A change.

                     “What you think, you become

                     What you feel, you attract

                 What you imagine, you create”                                        – Gautama Buddha


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