Journey of transformation to an Inspiring Indian: Sparsh Shah

Opportunities don’t transpire; we create opportunities by our efforts despite the troubles and sufferings to procure prosperity in our life. We all are familiar with this message. This happens to be true in the life of 13-year-old Indian American wheelchair bound child Sparsh Shah, who had turned his adversity into opportunity.

Sparsh Shah was born with an incurable disease called osteogenesis imperfect which means the disease makes​ the bone brittle. During his birth, he had 35 fractures. Sparsh Shah verbally expressed that he had survived with 130 fractures within his 13 years of age. He doesn’t let the disease to affect him mentally. He accepts that he cannot walk or play with other children.

Despite that, he never gave up in his life. He had achieved what other kids can’t do at his age. In TEDx Gateway he expressed that nothing is infeasible in this world if we see everything as I’m possible, over this is impossible. He tells that it was his ardency that has changed his life forever despite his ill health. Sparsh Shah’s passion was music. Music had made the impact on him physically and mentally.

He said “I commenced singing ever since I could speak and in fact, I even used to correct my parents when they were singing off-key by saying mum, dad you’re not singing right at the tender age of 6.”

At the age of 10, he composed his first musical composition ‘love will never fade’, which is great success for a 10 year old kid.

On his journey towards his passion, he came across an astounding rap PRISTINE+RHYTHM=PURHYTHM with an inspiration of Eminem musical composition not be afraid. With a touch on Indian Classical music part of his new genre called RAGA (Indian classical) + RAP (American Hip-hop) = RAGARAP, on the fusion of seemingly polar opposites Indian Classical and hip-hop.

This may sound crazy, but it had blown the Internet, became a world wide phenomenon. Now, it has crossed over 55 million views and counting on all social medias. It all happened because he decided not to hold back himself. He decided to exhibit his musical talents to the world. Because of this, he is able to achieve many achievements.

He is multi-talented. Performs at community events, appeared on local radio stations and television shows. He memorized 250 digits of pi, can verbally express 12 most longest words in the English dictionary in less than 18 secs and can speak in four accents in English. At the Crossroads Theater in  New Jersey, he acted in the developmental reading of a play called ‘The Greatest Choice’.

At the age of 6, he was able to spell 45 letter word, can additionally spell several other complex words in dictionaries like ‘supercalifraglisticexpalidocious’ and some other most longest words in the English dictionary.

Sparsh Shah tells all of us to dream big. He states that none of this would have happened if he had not dreamed big​ towards his ultimate goal. With determined spirit at his heart, he told that he wanted​ to leave deep footprints or track prints in the sands of legacies, so deep that not even a tsunami can erase it. He tells that everyone of us should strive for such big goals.

He firmly states that no matter what happens in our life we should never ever give up our passion. Everyone in this world goes through some struggle.

When Sparsh Shah can turn impossible into I’m possible in his life, we too can achieve. If we push forward and have faith, we will make it possible in our life. Never be afraid or hold yourself in the travel between choices in your life and passion. Strive hard with a strong determination to achieve your goal and place yourself among several legends in this world. Dream big, the sky is the limit.

When a wheel bound child can do it why can’t we? Sparsh Shah was an inspiring Indian to all of us. Let us start to make our complex life into a simple one and achieve our goal. Don’t we all want to be remembered when we leave this earth ?

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