The unknown story of the Memory Champion- Prateek Yadav

Prateek Yadav, memory athlete, 4X Indian memory champion and also the first and only International Grandmaster of Memory from India.

Yadav, 24-year-old is simple, shy, emotional guy who loves to teach others and has an eagerness to learn something new.

Prateek Yadav was naturally blessed with good memory, at a very young age he was able to memorise all the capitals of the world. However, his journey of being a memory athlete started in 2012 when he accidentally came across the championship happening at the global level. It’s been five years now that Yadav is into this field, his success has been embarked by being the first Indian International Grand Master of Memory.

In his whole journey, he pointed out that his parents have been in a great supportive role, who never pressurised him choosing any other “sophisticated” field. His parents had always given him the liberty to try new and unconventional things.

He attributes that  consistent efforts along with perseverance is a prerequisite to succeed. Yadav analyses things very deeply and his life mantra is to keep learning every single day and also to try and help others in their struggles.

Yadav has recently delivered a TEDx UPES talk and stated that it was ecstatic as he had been following it since his college days and had always dreamt of sharing his experience on a global platform like TEDx.

In a country like India, where sports starts with cricket and ends with cricket, being a memory athlete is never an easy call and on being asked how government contributed towards the upliftment of this sport, his answer was quite disheartening as he hasn’t got any kind of help. Despite this, he is very optimistic about the future of such Championship, he asserts that it will take a huge effort from all people who are into this sport like Omkar and Sri Vyshnavi Yarlagadda but India has a good future in this sport too.

According to him, following steps can be adopted by the government to popularise this sport:

  1. By creating awareness in schools and colleges which will change the people’s mindset of believing that only savants can accomplish such sport.
  2. He is particular about the role that teachers should play by focusing on talents and qualities of a student. He suggests that teachers should try to incorporate creative and fun ways to make studies more interesting and claims that a student shouldn’t be judged only on the basis of grades.
  3. Moreover, digital memory competitions are becoming more popular and exciting, hence through rigorous training and with the advent of technology one can make a huge difference.

His “memorable” story has just got wings, and he wants to fly as high as possible and become the World Champion one day. His determination, zeal, enthusiasm to take this sport ahead will surely make India do well in this untouched sport.

One important message that Prateek gave during his interview:
Love what you do and don’t get bogged down by minor ups and downs and give your hundred percent in whatever you do, don’t listen to the sceptics, don’t get bogged down by peer and parental pressure, have faith in yourself and you’re good to go! 

By this, let me conclude with a hope that soon India will be a “memorable” country!

For more info on his secret techniques: click

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  1. VK 1 year ago

    Prateek ‘s mind power is really amazing…
    He is a wonderful guy.. Very hardworking natured…
    Wish you all the very best prateek…
    We wish you achieve the world memory championship soon

    Dr. VK

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