Menstrual Hygiene Workshop Project CLAP

Project CLAP which stands for Creating Leaders for Activism and Policy is a project undertaken to accomplish the United Nation’s Sustainable development goals.United Nations has laid down the sustainable development goals to help countries and their citizens come closer to development and improved quality of life.
In India where citizens are exposed to problems like hygiene, security, starvation and poverty; focusing and attaining sustainable development goals is an important thing. CLAP aims to gather the efforts of youth and provide support to communities to achieve the sustainable development goals. At CLAP we believe that there is no better way to achieve success to our mission unless we gather team support and collective efforts to come out of these gruesome issues like period taboo , gay pride, funds for rural artisans and affects to child psychology.

We successfully achieved our first step – to eradicate period taboo and spread awareness about importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene by conducting a workshop in Gov. Girls Senior Secondary School at Shalimar Bagh AP block . At the school CLAP volunteers found it extremely easy to deal with the crowd of 250 girls who were very keen to know about their health and hygiene.Menstrual hygiene is an important concern as many Indian women and teenage girls are yet unaware of the problems they can encounter due to carelessness and improper hygiene maintenance during periods. Girls were taught about menstrual hygiene and different ways to practice it . They were informed about the importance of may 28th – commemorated as Menstrual Hygiene Management Day. Further to make the session more interactive we played games and a question answer round with gifts for the winners. The session was fun as well as informative as we showed the girls the videos about wearing, removing and disposal of pad with information about period diet and precautions.The session was concluded by distributing menstrual hygiene kits prepared by CLAP volunteers with pads sponsored by Niine and brochure about correct use of pads in Hndi as well as English along with items of use.

CLAP feels immense pride to further carry such workshops and projects , and accomplish UN SDGs and set India as a nation with best quality of life and acceptance.


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