The epoch of France

Pro Eu- Centrist Emmanuel Macron has won The French Presidency after crushing far-right leader Marine Le Pen in the significant presidential election that has vowed to amalgamate a divided and fractured France. The election was held, on 23rd April 2017, the results were announced on 7th May 2017. Independent centrist has won the election by 65.1% (2,04,29,650) to Le Pen’s 34.9% (1,06,08,109). Addressing thousands of his adherents he said, ” I will fight with all my strength against the divisions that are undermining us”.
A person who was unknown to the world three years ago is now the youngest president on the planet.

This was a historical result specifically to the future of European union and to the liberal leaning people. The region and its people, who are far away from right wing ideologies find solace from his victory.

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  1. RR 10 months ago

    My Indian mindset , it’s difficult to skip is personal life, where he is 24 years younger to his wife. Can this happen in India ?

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