Strong roots bear fruit

The success of any enterprise is primarily up to it’s employees. Their know-how and commitment provides innovative products, processes, and a positive image. There must, however, be a common understanding of how they want to interact with each other.

RESPECT, TRUST, PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY represents the basis of the new corporate culture .

Values and an open business culture are the groundwork for enduring success. Everyone has values that are important to him or her personally. For some politeness is the supreme commandment, for others it is honesty, and for some nothing comes before tolerance. The values that drive us are based on our individual origin, as well as our own cultural backgrounds.

Thus in an enterprise we should treat others as we would wish to be treated, otherwise one loses enthusiasm for work and becomes unproductive.

  • Respect : Should be obvious in all our daily interactions with others. Respect means among other things dealing with others appreciation and to keep our promises.
  • Trust : It’s a basis for collaboration. Trust is not a gift to the individual but rather it must be earned -through reliability, transparency and trustworthiness. You yourself must be trustworthy and able to trust others too.
  • Professionalism : Should be the core attribute in business. We want to use our knowledge and experience in such a way that we always reach the best solution. You should always be prepared to develop yourself personally and professionally.
  • Integrity : Means treating other people with honour and justice,and trying to be a role model. Always keep your words​ and actions in compliance with values, rules and laws.

The values are the roots of the new corporate culture and shall make the group strong.

Keep it simple! Seek solutions! Give direction!