Just 52 sec for National Anthem, Why to bother?

On November 30, 2016, the Home Ministry issued the order under Section 3, The Prevention Of Insults To National Honors Act, 1971 about the new rule of standing for the National Anthem in theaters. This new step brought with it a lot of controversies. People claimed it as dictatorship governance. They said it is a restriction to their expression and a non-democrative move. There were a lot of debates and campaigns went against it. Their opinion is we love India and we respect our national anthem. There is no need to show it. But my question to all of them is, why? What is the problem in standing merely for 52 sec for your National Anthem. If you already respect it, why can not you show it by standing for 52 sec? How can your freedom get harmed by standing for your national anthem?

This step is not to show others that you love your country and are a patriot but to show yourself that you love your country. If you observe you will realize that every small move of yours affects you psychologically. I know you love your country but love for anything is like the waves of a river, the overall potential is always the same but the depth varies here and there because of the flow. In the same way our love for the country is always equal but it’s existence in our life varies. For example, no one will disagree with this fact that on Republic Day and Independence day or any other National day, we feel more patriotic when compared to other days. It is not that you don’t love your country on the other days but it is just that you get busy with your work that you seldom get time to remember your country. Some time it happens with your family also. You miss your family’s affection very much some time whereas you miss it less some other time but if you give two to five minutes remembering your family, consequently your love for your family increases.

So this 52 sec of mandatory is made to make you remember your country everyday. And in my view no one should have a problem in this. Remembering your country at a small interval or everyday will only increase your love for your country. Neither it will question your freedom nor your democratic governmental environment.

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