Can a Political Party decide the Supreme Position of India-President?

Who is the President?

The president of the republic India is the head of state of India. He is also the commander-in-chief of Indian Armed Forces. He is indirectly elected by the people through members of both houses of the parliament of India, legislative assemblies of all the states of India, the legislative assembly of the Union Territory of Puducherry, as well as Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. His period is for five years. He takes oath as the president in front of  the Chief Justice of India.

What are the roles of President as per the Constitution? 

A duty of the President is to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution and laws of India which is a part of his oath. There is no bar on the actions of the President to contest in the court of law.  The post of President in the country is considered to be supreme of all.

What is the role of President in this “democratic”India?

Now in the present, it is entirely different! The rules are framed by political parties. They neglect the rules and laws of our Indian Constitution. They change them according to their own wishes.

Isn’t it against the law? Isn’t it a sin to change the laws​ of the constitution just for the benefit of a few powerful people? Does it mean all must follow the rules that are framed by them?

The political system of India is entirely corrupted. Everybody is being selfish thinking only of themselves, as if they are the only being living in this country. As if others are mere stones and rocks. It is their wish to follow the rules or not to but they should not frame the laws or change the rules which are common to all the people in India.

The rules were drafted for the welfare of the people. India is known to the world as a democratic country. Democracy is defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. The politicians and their parties are appointed to the welfare for the public. But as of now, the democracy practiced in India is more about the survival of the politicians. The people are expected to be their servants and toys to shake their heads according to the rules framed by them.

Gone are the days where the government functioned for the people and their welfare.

  • Of the people became off the people. It has cut off the people from the political laws of the constitution.
  • By the people has become buying the people. Politicians have started buying people in the name of doing some welfare for them during elections.
  • For the people has now become Far from the people which means the government is far away from the people. It has distanced from the social principles of freedom. A gap has formed between the power and the people in India.

The government is entirely taken up by the politicians and their parties. Political parties inherently corrupted and  are destroying the morals of our society. It is all because the top most powers, the Prime Minister, and the President are poorly defined Governance of our country.

But is it happening in India? How can a particular political party alone discuss or nominate the candidate for Presidential election, without the consultation of the other party members? This situation is happening in India for the first time. It shows that anybody can become the President of India, and can have the power to handle the whole country. Can it be given to a person who is without an experience or just that he was nominated or influenced by the ruling party?

The government in the name of responsibility has become irresponsible. Corruption has totally abducted our India. It has totally eaten up our entire government and its laws. We the people had given them powers with the hope that justice will be given to us. But it is not so. In India there is no way to expect for a good rule by the government until the politics of the political parties is stopped. Until or unless the entire power is given to the people, India will not come back to its original form that it was earlier. Or else the democracy of India and its rules for the welfare of the people will be remain only as a history and will never be a reality.

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