AI: can it lead India towards a brighter future?

In this modern technology, we want everything to be technologized and smart, this has given way to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. In short, replacement of humans with computerized machines, and computers to complete the work faster and smarter. By 2045, many experts say computers will be more intelligent than humans.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is defined as the theory and development of computer systems and computerized machines which are able to perform tasks such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. It is complex in nature. It builds up of various complicated mixture of computer science, mathematics, psychology, neuroscience etc. Complex programming helps these machines to replicate the cognitive abilities of human beings.

From a survey of the stock market, it is found that a company in U.S does more than 500 million automated trades per month, so here a robot takes tonnes of information, makes a decision every millisecond and makes millions of hundreds of dollars every year. This is just an example what artificial intelligence is going to make, it is going to happen every industry in the world. There is no chance that human could compete with artificial intelligence until they are original. Artificial Intelligence is a part of big data and complex algorithms to arrange our Facebook timeline or beat us at chess.

Indian government is trying to elevate India through Digital India. India has a poor identity information for every individual, with the use of artificial intelligence, we can expand digital access nationwide.

Some basic problems which can be solved in India with AI:

Traffic is a major problem faced in India with the use of GPS and Maps, people can find the shortest routes and get rid of traffics which consumes their time.

AI also can help out youngsters in space research and exploration in detecting errors in the rockets and space ships and also help them out in placing the satellites correctly in the orbits without any inconvenience.

One of the major issues​ faced by Indians are the activities happening at border, many soldiers are sacrificing their lives in order to save our nation. This can be reduced with the emergence of AI in Indian Army. AI can detect Foreign bodies, bombs prior. Easily can diffuse bombs without any damage to human lives. AI can put a stop to the loss of lives in India because of terrorism.

India is slowly placing itself in the field of science. AI can be a good companion for youngsters to promote themselves in research and also can help them to invent new techniques in science.

In many companies’ youngsters are about to work in night shifts but that has caused many health issues. Here, AI can replace humans in working at night times.

AI can also replace humans in agriculture field with the emergence of machines and technologies that make the work even more easier. Through artificial intelligence, we can detect many problems that undergo in the cultivation process. AI will be a great support to farmers in agricultural production.

But how far is AI feasible in India?

Already many youngsters in India are facing the problem of unemployment. By introduction of Artificial Intelligence, youngsters who are currently working will also become unemployed. The life of young people in India will become a big question mark!

Cost required for repair and maintenance of the AI will be very high. Needs​ to be updated every now and then with changing requirements.

Moreover, AI doesn’t have any sympathies and they are not processed in that way, so they might risks our own lives. They might cause problems to humans and there is also a chance of misusing them. Because hacking of information is equally possible which then can be misused.

If we are about to discuss the Cons of AI it is equal to the number of Pros. AI is most welcomed in India but we must bring a solution to the Cons that arises because of AI. If not, it will surely affect the life of upcoming Indians.

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