Emotions in water alike humans

Water plays an effective role in our day-to-day life.  RESEARCH on water reveals water shows emotions alike human beings and it also can absorb our words. Examination of water by uttering positive and negative words shows the different patterns in the water. Keep two glasses of water, utter a positive word ‘love’, ‘happy’ and on another glass utter a negative word, ‘hate’, ‘angry’. Scrutinize these waters under the well-equipped microscope can find the difference between the patterns of the water. The glass on which positive word uttered shows a pleasant pattern and on which negative word uttered shows an arrogant or deformed pattern. This fact brings out the hidden mystery that water shows emotions. In ancient time, this was the reason why in gurukuls they have the custom of having water while they are learning. The reason behind that has they believed that water absorbs our words and when we consume it, it is believed that whatever we learn stay with us. The object in our hand emit the same energy vibration back to its environment or in essence, the universe when we send thoughts of focused positive energy to that object. We drink water every day and our human body comprises 70% of water. the properties of water outstretched every cell and to deliver the information or emotion. It is possible to transmit any message that we want to minuscule at subatomic particle level by changing the structure of water changing the energy or vibrations. Water has many hidden mysteries behind which are under research.

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