Sensegrass, an AgriTech startup, raised 3 million USD in its series A.

Sensegrass is an award winning, international AgriTech startup working towards developing an innovative and effective technique for soil health analysis. Sensegrass was founded by Lalit Gautam in 2018 and has offices in India, France, Chile and USA.

Sensegrass is a first of its kind Soil Intelligence System with Microsoil data using an IoT+AI based sensing system to measure 18+ parameters through smart sensors with personal AI-based agronomist.

Sensegrass’s founder in the field to collect the soil samples.

Sensegrass raised 3 million USD from a series of funding campaigns with leading business groups, pertaining to diverse fields based in South Asia.

Talking to IndiansNews, the founder of Sensgrass revealed plans to invest in Research and Development, along with commercial production of the products for diverse international markets. A team will also be hired for leading this expansion and for the marketing of products of Sensegrass.


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