IPL- den of match fixing

The cricket world in a fix or spot fixing has flourished along with the stellar success of IPL . Betting too has increased into a multi-million syndicate  where a lot of black money is involved . According to a report prepared by the Standing Committee on Finance , there are lot of financial irregularities and involvement of black money in the tournament , laws are being violated and money is brought into IPL teams through various routes. Gambling has reached to every nook and corner of cricket  where spot fixing or match mixing is not only confined to players or bookies but has reached to widespread net .

It has increased so much that during an IPL season bookies now operate hundreds of well organised telephone betting exchanges across the country .A betting telephone exchange consists of as many as 400-500 phone lines of punters connected via conference call and linked to the live commentary audio from the stadium.The live audio is at least a ball ahead of the broadcast . Bets are then taken by the bookies on a ball-to-ball basis on every aspect of the match in progress.

One can bet starting from who will win the toss , modes of dismissal , total score in a session and the list goes on. The IPL after match parties are utilized by the bookies to get close to the players and even lure them.

UK’s betting website , Betfair.com , latest applications on android and i phones are now being used. The IPL betting bombshell also brought into focus the Mumbai underworld , especially India’s most wanted Dawood Ibrahim . It is D-gang that rules this massive syndicate . It’s said that players even get threatened if they don’t toe the bookie line.

Betting is illegal in India and being a billion dollar league , corrective action needs to be taken against those found guilty in such wrong doings. May be strict action like a life-time ban can help but what’s the use if the image of game has already been tarnished beyond repair.

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