The amazing story of a lady who constructed success from unexpected layoff


Sumaiya Khan was a happy person who was living a content life with a good job at Nirav Modi’s Firestar International Pvt. Ltd. On an unfortunate day her life changed suddenly. Firestar International Pvt. Ltd. as we all know suddenly shut down due to unavoidable circumstances. Initially she was shocked. People were clueless about finding another job overnight. It became even more disastrous when they were turned down, for no fault of theirs, just because they had been employed by a particular organisation which closed down all of a sudden.


Inspite of being in such a bad situation Sumaiya Khan was very much shocked to see so many helpless people struggling without a job and not knowing how to manage the situation. All of them were running around to find a  job and support their families. She decided to help all those people who were struggling in whatever possible way that was known to her.


Sumaiya was indeed successful in helping a few of them to get new jobs. In the process of doing this  she found out that she experienced great joy and satisfaction. Especially when people came back to her to thank her and express their gratitude they were happy and relieved. She realised that there was much more to life than just earning money. She understood that there is a ray of hope  behind the darkness. She decided to start her own consultancy services so that she can help everyone. So she started ‘SS Consulting Services’. She started her venture with absolutely bare minimum funding but she had earned the trust of people who came to her. Undoubtedly she had offered them the best possible career opportunities. She never disappointed them. She offered them quality work. Her constant efforts yielded her good results. She stabilised her business within 9 months.


Sumaiya’s husband  was the person who inspired her to start her own business. He never let his wife get disappointed. He supported her strongly in all her ventures. He stood strongly with her and made sure that she succeeded. But starting a new venture has its own challenges. She had to earn the trust of her clients to prove herself in her business. She strongly believes that none other than Almighty’s blessings and the good wishes of those who benefited through her business helped her to succeed again and again. This satisfaction made her to strive harder to provide more employment opportunities to maximum number of candidates. Even now she continues doing her good work by helping people across sectors and fields get better career advancements.


Wishing Sumaiya good luck in all her future ventures would be the right thing to do as she stands strong in guiding people to make use of the best opportunities and lead a happy life.


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