From Sports to border, India is beating Pakistan!

Pakistan, the “most favored nation” for India, has been given right answer in the way they want….

After the Uri attack, PM Modi and Indian Army has been trolled for not giving right answer. But Indians can take a “peaceful” sleep in today’s night because answer has been given to the right group at the right time in the right way. The answer has been given not only on border by our Honorable India Army but also by our hockey players who today beat Pakistan in the U-18 Asia cup and enters into finals!

This all happens because Indians (Army, Government and residents) wanted it. Within 10 days of the Coward attack by Pakistan on 18 innocent Army men, Pakistan has been covered from all sides whether from SAARC summit which not only India has refused to attend, to borders to playground….

The surgical strike that has happened from 12.30 am last night to 4.30 am in the morning. In the process, Indian Army with its fighter planes went to LoC and crossed it and place bombs in and around the place where terrorists group (38 in number)were ready to enter into India. No Indian casualties had happened during the strike. Note it is not war, just an indication or beginning of war!

As far as hockey match between India and Pakistan is concerned, Indian players have registered a comprehensive victory with 3-1 in the semi-finals. Now, entered into finals of U-18. By this a mesaage has been given to Pakistan that STOP playing terror “games”, you will lose every time against India.

 Pakistan (Army, Government and residents of Pakistan) read this carefully, advice:


and a warning:

 What you are giving to us (world), we will give you back with interest!  You are alone, we are 125 Million in number……

#ProudonIndiarmy, #Jai Hind


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