Why is Winston Churchill more cruel than Hitler?

Hitler is hated all over the world for killing the Jews, for being insensitive, inhuman; and primarily for causing the ‘German Holocaust’. But there are other leaders a well who have a darker and far more cruel side to them than the world knows.
Not only Hitler, but Winston Churchill, too is hated by many for his deeds, specially by Indians.

In 1934, present day West Bengal(in India) and Bangladesh suffered one of the worst famines the region has ever seen. During the period, India was still in Churchill’s hands and he refused to cut off supply for the war. People were let to die out of hunger but war supplies were met by exporting from famine struck areas. Not only this, Churchill once very coldly said that ‘Indians breed like rabbits’.

Is not enough for Indians to hate Churchill? Apart from this Churchill’s racism is also widely known.

He was a white supremacist and believed that Africans are the lowest on the hierarchy while White European hold the top most stature. His attitudes were similarly hostile towards Jew and Islam. For Churchill, Jews were responsible for causing antagonism and they were suffering for it. He further remarked that his ‘loyalty’ will be with his ‘own race’.

For Islam, Churchill once said, “Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.” this statement in itself says lot about Churchill’s idea of Islam.

After all this that Churchill did, can we still charge Hitler of being the worst? Definitely no, all leaders have a detestable side to them as Churchill and Hitler.